Our Time



A poem written and submitted by Kristine Pineda


Our time passes,
I ask my little heart, why?
Clearing out the dirt on my glasses,
And wonder, should I say goodbye?

I weigh in our time,
And sometimes I still wonder, why?
For every smile, I could give you a dime.
You are for sure an amazing guy.

I have learned to take off my mask,
That I have worn for a period of time
And you might also wonder, why?
I can’t tell you for now, but I could mime.

As I sip my coffee in this cup,
And have this smile ear from ear
He lifts me up,
And reminds me of things to be clear.

Someday we’ll bound to meet,
And I will personally say, thank you.
It will sure be great.
For our time will soon be pushed through.


Kristine Pineda is a twenty-five year-old Filipina living in New Jersey. She is the author of The Blank PolaroidsShe loves photography, writing short poems and short notes about love and life. 


  • Been following you. Really good works out there!. I enjoy all my reads and could connect to them. Thank you! 🙂

    • Diana Marcos

      Thank you so much! I am happy to know someone like you enjoys my post. I look forward to reading your works too. 🙂