Open Letter: To Anyone Battling Anxiety Alone

love strengthens

I thought that if you just try to ignore everything that makes you feel anxious, worried and nostalgic…if you just keep thinking that everything is going to be fine…if you just keep reminding yourself how strong and brave you are, and that you can get through any hardships alone, your life will eventually be easier and better…but damn it, it doesn’t always get better when you force yourself to not feel something. The more you ignore a feeling that always comes back, the more you think about it and you will forever live with it like a troubled ghost that will never stay away.

You may have been having countless sleepless nights trying to think of a better way to let go of things, to let go of your anxieties and all the things that trigger them. It may be rather insensitive to plan out how you could forget the people you love or used to love and care about, but I know you feel as though it is the best solution especially when they are the reasons you are down the rabbit hole.

When something doesn’t make you feel happy anymore, it’s just normal to seek for another thing that would make you happier or something that would bring back the happiness in your daily life. However, it is never a good thing to force yourself in a situation that constantly brings you down.

Battling your anxieties alone is the most difficult thing to do. You feel like no one understands you and that no one will ever actually listen to you when you share everything that troubles you. It is scary to trust people with your thoughts and what is even more scary is the thought that the people you trust and the people you expect to love you are the ones who are not scared to hurt and disappoint you.

So if you have to let go, let go, but you have to make sure it will make you happy in the end. Don’t ever force yourself to feel something you don’t actually feel. Don’t pretend you are not sad or lonely. Don’t hide your anger and disappointment. Don’t fake your happiness.

You deserve an eternal happiness. You deserve psychological stability. You deserve to have peace of mind.

  • This was so beautiful to read, what a lovely message. It was so honest and I think it could really help people.

  • This strongly spoke to me just now, Certain struggles have come to play and a lot of decisions now have to be made. :-/

  • Carley

    Going through this myself at the moment and I haven’t been brave enough to tell many people. It is true, going through it alone is difficult, even though I have few around me, they do not understand how I have got so low. With that said, I will get there and I have too. Reading this post has showed me that. Hugs xx

  • I’ve been suffering from insomnia & anxiety for a long time … I’m in treatment right now but it’s a long battle 🙁 Great post !

  • tam

    Spoke to me… anxiety is my best friend these days. Refuses to leave me a lone.

  • Raf Villanueva

    It’s true, you do need to face your demons sooner or later. Otherwise how are you gonna get rid of it? But apart from addressing the issue, there should always be a tangible effort towards escaping this state. 🙂

  • This is an empowering article. My birth mother suffers from anxiety.., I suffer from it too, it comes and goes and most of the people who know me just think that I am ‘nerves sometimes’. It only until I accepted my condition that I started to feel a change…
    Thank you for sharing this post Diana.

    Vivienne X

  • Diana, you are so right!! We should not hide from what we feel and pretend that we are okay. It is freeing to admit to what we feel and through that openness we allow ourselves to receive the right support.
    BTW, I wanted to stop by and let you know that I recently moved to a self-hosted site and the following is the latest post:
    Stay well, beautiful!!