An Open Letter to Men Who Can’t Accept A Simple and Polite “No”


Sometimes it’s difficult to be a woman and be single. When men know you’re single, they think that you will always agree to go out with them since you’re ‘available’.

I just came across a guy asking to take me out, but because I was busy, I asked him if we could meet at a later date. We’ve been talking as friends for a while now and he knew that I am not ready for anything.

I guess it’s innate for men to not stop until they get what they want. And so for him, he insisted to meet me on the date he said he wanted to see me (which is today).

I said no, and apparently, he couldn’t take no for an answer. I was being nice when I asked him to just move the date because I was really busy at the time, but instead, I got guilt tripped for not saying yes.

I received a series of messages of how I should feel lucky because he wanted to ask me out, and that he only wasted his time on me. He also mentioned being popular, saying the line, “Don’t you know how famous I am?” I was also asked to change my schedule as if my life depended on him.

Besides that, I also received messages from him sarcastically bidding me good luck, and manipulating me into thinking I should feel bad for his actions. And now, he blocked me.

Wow. Just wow. It is unbelievable. No matter how nice and polite you are to a man like him, unless he gets what he wants, it doesn’t matter to him how nice you are. He’s not even the first guy who has done this, but this time, I can’t stay silent about this behavior of some.

Moreover, I want to talk about unfaithfulness. Ever since I went from the “in a relationship” status to the “single” status, men who are obviously in a relationship according to how they present themselves on social media, have been hitting me up telling me they want to “get to know me” because they are “fascinated” by me.

Like wow. You have a girlfriend, and you want to get to know other women? Just how thirsty are you? I am not generalizing men because I’m sure there are better ones out there, but to guys who do this, you better stop, grow up and learn how to take no for an answer.

*end of rant*

  • Amanda

    Men will be men. Unfortunately, this is true for many of them. I’m single and often, experience the same issues. Just ignore them or politely say ‘I’m not interested in you like that. Thanks.’ Hopefully, that works!