one-sided love

Only A One-Sided Love Would Know


Only a one-sided love would know
what it feels like to stay awake until the sun rises
when his scent still lingers
in the air that you breathe
as if he just walked right past at you
with his face freshly shaven
when the memory of him still flashes
in places that his nakedness has laid on
the night before your bodies were one,
like two candle lights morphed into
the same flame of your desires

Only a one-sided love would know
that waiting for someone is
like sitting still in the sand from dusk to dawn
hoping for an endless summer
that’s never going to happen
like looking right into his soul
with so much love and passion
when all you see
are the never-ending waves of
emptiness and coldness of the waters
that reflect from his eyes

Only a one-sided love would know
what it’s like to reach for the stars with only one hand
and it’s impossible for you to be noticed
when you’re just one particle of the milky way
and there are other stars brighter than you
when you look at him but he is looking the other way
when your heart still beats for him
but his heart no longer beats for you
because someone has already changed its rhythm.

Only a one-sided love would know
when to stop wishing and fantasizing
for a stone will remain a stone
even when it gets broken
that it will only change its form
when the world starts crumbling down
when the ice wrapped around his heart
has already melted
and replaced with the rose thorns
he had planted over yours.

Only a one-sided love would know
the excruciating pain and agony
of sleeping beside him but still longing for him,
of being touched by him but not feeling him,
of being in love with him but not being loved by him.

Only a one-sided love would know.
Only you and I would know.

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