One hand? Or Two Hands?


A few days ago, I was talking to my student Eric about his day. He was very perky as usual, and he was telling me about the show he watched earlier that day.

“What show was it?”



“Yes! Sooooooo-baaaaaa-iiiiiii-buhhhhhhhh!”

He is eleven years old, and he still has some problems pronouncing words with /b/ and /v/ sounds as well as words with /r/ sounds.

A day after that, his brother, Tom, was also in my class. He is a year younger than Eric, but he is as vivacious as his brother.

“Look at your hands. How many fingers do you have?”

He began to count.

“One…two…three…four…five…FIVE FINGERS!!!” He excitedly answered.

“What??? You only have five fingers???” I jokingly asked.

“Oh no! My other hand is gone!”

Days after that, when I asked the same question, he had another response.

“Teacher, one hand? Or two hands?”