On Turning 25: My Wishes, Dreams and Motivation


On my birthday, I don’t really celebrate getting a year older. I celebrate being able to get through another year of sacrifices, challenges, shortcomings, heartaches and many more. I have made lots of mistakes in my 24th year, but I also know that these mistakes have helped shaped me into who I am now. I’ve learned my lesson, and I’ll do my best never to make the same mistakes again.

I have so many wishes for my 25th birthday — wishes that are pure and significant in my life.

Nowadays, people seem to think it’s okay to give someone they love material things in exchange for their presence. So when they ask us about what we wish for, they usually expect us to mention an object we want for ourselves.

But we can’t blame them because sometimes we do not know how to communicate what we want. If only we can tell the people we love that we wish for their presence more than the physical things they can give. If only we can do that.

I can’t. I’m scared to let my loved ones know what I really want because I’m also scared of disappointment. I don’t want to expect anything just to get disappointed later. However, I still have come up with things I wish for my birthday. I’m going to divide it into two categories: first, the nonmaterial things and second, the material things. I will start with the nonmaterial things with which I have fifteen wishes:

  1. I wish that my grandma lives longer so I get to spend more time with her, to take care of her and give back to her.
  2. I wish that my mom stays healthy and happy despite being far away from me. I wish that she loves me and understands me more now that I am an adult.
  3. I wish that the people I love will be proud to have me in their lives, that they appreciate my presence and that they’re happy just seeing me.
  4. I wish for more self-love, contentment, and happiness on my own.
  5. I wish to go back to doing the things I used to enjoy like dancing and blogging, and never stop doing it.
  6. I wish for more tan in my skin…for more sun and sand…for more coconut juice and basically for more beach life.
  7. I wish to be more successful in my chosen career so I wouldn’t have to decide to stop and go back to doing the things I didn’t like doing.
  8. I wish to read more books that will help me in becoming a better me.healing court muse
  9. I wish for my romantic relationship to grow into a stronger and healthier one.
  10. I wish for my partner to never stop being the best partner in the world…I wish that his patience will never run short, that he never gets tired taking care of me and understanding me in times I can’t understand myself and that he always loves me even when I have a hard time expressing my feelings.
  11. I wish for my best friends’ happiness. I wish that even when I’m not around, they are able to survive without feeling lonely…that they always have their lips curved upwards and never give up on their dreams.
  12. I wish for my grandma’s, my sister’s and my mom’s happiness. I wish that they find contentment in whatever they have now and make the most out of things.
  13. I wish to move on from the past…to forget my dad’s nightmare and to forgive the ones responsible for it.
  14. I wish to grow more as an individual, to stay happier and healthier, to never stop reaching for the stars, to always know my worth and value myself, to never forget that I am good enough.
  15. And lastly, I wish that the people I love will have more presence in my life. I wish that they connect with me more, that they interact with me, share with me both their sadness and joy, and let me help them with their shortcomings.

To complete my 25 wishes, I will also write other things I really wish for but not necessarily need to have. Read it hereΒ (click me)! It’s all just material things that are not very important, but since I am just human, I also desire things I cannot have sometimes. Haha! What do you think of my first fifteen wishes? I hope I get them all. They’re not very difficult, after all, right? Thanks for reading!

  • Typing to Taipei

    Happiest of birthdays, Diana. I hope this year of 25 brings your all you dream about, or at least puts you on the path there. I don’t think you could disappoint your family… I’m sure they’re happy to see what a strong, independent, thoughtful, driven, and intelligent woman you’ve become!

    P.S. leather boots and jewelry are my weaknesses πŸ™‚

    -Monica at TypingToTaipei.com

    • Thank you so much, Monica! I haven’t heard from you in a while. How have you been? I need to catch up on what you’ve been writing. πŸ™‚ And yayyyy to boots and jewelries! <3

  • happy birthday Diana,,,you look lovely always….

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