An Ode to My Ex Poetry Lover

I always thought
there was a curse in being a poet
when you fell in love
with me and my poetry,
you became the star
the moon
the sun
the galaxy
and the entire universe
in every letter
in every word
in every line in my poems
you were the sonnet
the ode to my ultimate bliss
the persona that gave soul
to the structure of my lines
But stars died
The moon hid behind the clouds
The sun lost its radiance
The galaxy faded away
And the entire universe fell
into the black hole of infinite loneliness
You turned from being my muse
into being someone I no longer knew
You became a letter in someone’s word
A word in someone’s line
A line in another woman’s poem
I always said I’d kill for you
And so I killed you
many times in different ways
in my poems.
Rest in peace,
my poetry lover.
You will not be missed.

~ D