Photos By Monika


A friend of mine, Monika of Destination Humanity, decided to come see me in Manila last weekend. I think I have mentioned this so many times in my previous posts already. Haha! She is an aspiring photographer, and I really admire how determined and passionate she is at what she does.

We roamed the streets of Manila for two days, but we actually had been to only a few places. Honestly, I haven’t explored Manila enough yet, although I have been living here for over two years now.

Anyway, we had a little photo shoot a day before she leaves, and here are just few of the samples she shared with me:

IMG_2134 IMG_2132 IMG_2131 IMG_2130 IMG_2129 IMG_2128 IMG_2127 IMG_2125 IMG_2123 IMG_2122 IMG_2121 IMG_2120 IMG_2119 IMG_2118

I was sleepless and sweating, and I didn’t have a chance to fix my face, but I think Monika did a great job at taking these photos. Visit her site to see photos that are better than these! 😀

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