Mission Aborted


“I am going to write more poems about you!” I said excitedly like a small kid who just got free lollipops at a candy shop.

“Oh no! Mission abort!” he pretended to be scared, and then smiled sweetly. Oh God, I love it when he does that. Why does he do that? This man makes me sane and crazy both at the same time.

“I am sorry but you cannot abort this mission,” I replied and winked.

“Glad to know that,” he responded with a smile again. Stop doing that.

“Glad to know what?” I asked, confused.

“That you don’t want to abort this mission.” These were just eight words that made my day.

But life sucks sometimes, and I thought we would never abort this mission.

He did. I wanted to give him everything, but he couldn’t take it. It was too much.

So he ran away.

Mission aborted.