MINIMALISM: Tips To Save Up Money (Part Two)

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On my previous post, I have discussed the different reasons why minimalism is a great way to save money not only for people who are in LDR, but also to everyone who want to save up for the future. And now, here are some tips I could give to be an effective minimalist.

01. Have a clear goal and mindset.

In everything we do, we should always have a clear vision of what we want to achieve. We have to set clear and realistic goals, and condition our mind. It is very important that we remain optimistic when we try to live like a minimalist. Like what I always say in my posts, it always starts with a great mindset and a positive outlook. Think that you can do this! And if you start thinking you can’t, think of the great and positive results you may get out of it.

02. Declutter.

Decluttering is so hard especially when you think that all of the things you have are important. I had a hard time letting go of mostly all the things I had before because I believed that every single one of them was special. But honestly, although each thing you own may have had sentimental values to you, it won’t actually matter in the long run. I have read an article on the web when I was trying to look for some tips about being a minimalist as well, saying that all the things you own may actually not very important, because you will soon forget about it after getting rid of it.

Start with labeling items. Separate the things you want and the things you need. Be honest and truthful to yourself. You have to really determine which stuff you are ready to let go and which ones you still can’t live without. One amazing thing about this is you can either help other people by donating your things, or make money out of it. Try to find out which things are still worthy of being sold and which things you can just give out.

03. Stick to your weekly budget.

Being a minimalist made me get rid of my credit card. Instead, I just have a debit card (savings) which I try to hide carefully and keep away from myself, so I wouldn’t be able to use it on other things. I make sure that the only cash I have are enough to get me through the week.

Make a weekly budget of the things you only need. It is very important that you stick to what you have listed down, because if you don’t, you’re just fooling yourself. This is where being disciplined and responsible come in. You have to make sure that you are following your own rules.

04. Plan when to be luxurious.

It is not bad to deprive yourself of the things you want sometimes. But being a minimalist does not mean you have to live like a peasant all throughout your life. It is also nice to spend on a few things you want every once in a while, but make sure that you plan it wisely.

For me, I set every Sunday as my luxury day. This is when I go to the mall, buy lots of food and a few things I want. I do it on Sundays because this is the last day for my weekly budget. I always find excess money on this day, and that is what I use to spend for the things I want. Of course, you still have to be careful of spending your money.

05. Eat similarly.

It is also helpful to eat the same thing for a while without ruining your healthy diet, of course. What I do weekly is…I plan which food I want to eat and schedule them accordingly. For instance, I only eat vegetables and fruits on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I eat meat, pasta and bread on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays. Sundays are when I eat anything I want. Preparing what you want to eat for the week saves time, money and energy.

06. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repeat.

Sometimes, we can’t help but own several copies of a certain thing. Try to get rid of the copies or reduce the amount of the “repetitive” things you own.  This includes furniture, clothes, appliances, electronic devices, kitchen utensils and food. Why have five plates when you only need two? Why have two televisions when you only use the one in your bedroom? Why have three similar shirts when you only wear one of them? Why have so many things of similar usage when you can reuse one several times? Reduce, reuse, recycle and repeat. These four Rs do not only help you save space and money as you will have lesser things you own and will no longer spend money on similar things, but they also help you lessen the amount of chores you have to do. Less space to clean, less clothes to wash, less food to prepare. How awesome is that? For a lazy ass like me, it is extremely awesome! 😀

Remember that these tips are pretty much subjective and are only based on my own experiences and the things I have learned from people who are also living a minimalist life. We have our own different ways, but it’s nice to hear from others and be inspired as well.


they said. I have proven it to be true. What about you?



  • I love that you’re exploring minimalism for yourself now! that’s so awesome 🙂

    • You’re my inspiration! <3

      • aw, thank you :* your motivation makes me keep going, thanks for that!! 🙂

  • Less is more indeed 🙂

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    Living simply is still better than anything else!

  • Yes. It’s good to declutter.

  • Great advice there. I hope I can do that one day. Its kinda difficult with children in tow

    • Thank you, Joan! I understand what you mean, but everything is possible when you’re motivated and inspired to do what you want. I hope you get to do it one day! I wish you the best. <3

  • love it. 100% agree with you, Less IS more. I always have to de-clutter my space when I have the time off to just spend hours doing so, getting rid of things I don’t need. Clothing I can donate. Papers and files I don’t need to keep. It feels good and it somewhat clears my mind (in a weird/fulling way)

    • That’s great to hear babe! I read from somewhere recently that decluttering is really a good way to clear your mind, and it makes you healthier (they said) 😀

  • thetravelpockets

    I never thought about making a weekly budget. I think this may help, but I need to figure out what to factor into my weekly budget 🙂