MINIMALISM: A Great Way to Save Money (Part One)


Minimalism isn’t new to me, and I am sure everyone has heard about it at some point in their lives. As someone who has been living in different places my whole life, I have tried so hard to live a minimalist life. Not only does it help me prevent my things from piling up and having difficulties moving them from one place to another, but it also saves me time, money and space. For people in LDR, minimalism is also a great way to save up money. I have a friend (Hello, Monika! :D) who is in an LDR and has convinced me why it is very beneficial.

Here are ten good reasons to be a minimalist…

  1. Having lesser possessions does not necessarily mean you are poor, or that you don’t have money to buy things. It actually shows how frugal and resourceful you can be. It also spurs your creative thinking, and you’re going to start thinking of alternative ways to survive without having everything.
  2. You would learn how to maximize the use of a certain thing and not spend much on other things.
  3. Lesser chores. This is my favorite! Since you’re able to maximize the use of a specific thing, you won’t have so many things to fix, clean and organize.
  4. When your brain is dead set on having lesser items, you will start focusing on the things you need. When you’re able to determine which things you need and which ones you only want, it will help you spend less on things you want until all you have left are the things you actually need.
  5. Lesser things mean bigger space and more air to breathe. When you have lesser things in your place, you would definitely feel free and not too suffocated. When my things start to pile up in my room, I feel like I couldn’t breathe, and that the only way to solve this problem is to get rid of a few things, if not all.
  6. Minimalism actually helps you become responsible in a way that you learn how to take care of the things you need properly, so you can use it for a longer time than usual.
  7. It turns you into a disciplined person. Being responsible for your own things means you also have to be disciplined in everything you do – using/spending/wasting things, budgeting, and dieting.
  8. When you move to another place (like your SO’s place) for good, you won’t have lots of problems moving and getting rid of your excess things. You will only have the things you need, so you won’t go through the dilemma of throwing things you love, and spending lots of money to move all of your stuff.
  9. Being a minimalist stops you from being materialistic. When you are in love with material things, you tend to spend money on it even when you don’t need it. Being a minimalist helps you prevent obsessing over things that you do not need. Of course it is hard not to obsess over something you want sometimes, but when you are trying to live a minimalist life, you would learn to think of its possible results (eg. getting broke, ruining your budget) first before you do them.
  10. There’s always sense of fulfillment in the air when you are able to successfully live a minimalist life. It won’t be very apparent, but you’d feel it. And it would feel really great! Plus, you’ll have lots of money saved up for your next plan/trip!

These reasons are subjective, and are only based on my own experience. I have failed to be a minimalist so many times before, but I started doing it again last month. So far, I can proudly say that I have succeeded this time. I have never felt so great after getting rid of my excess possessions, and I have saved up more than I used to in the previous months.

I will be discussing some tips on being a minimalist on my next post. Thank you for reading!



  • I badly need to take all this advice on board while I’m looking at the current state of my room. Great piece Diana! Thanks for this

    • I had a really hard time doing it at first as I was going through something emotionally restraining, but I found out how helpful it was to declutter. Thank you for reading, Sandra! You’re very much welcome, too! <3

      • I think that’s a very proactive way to distract yourself in the process and try to combat that emotional strain. Much cheaper than a vacation for sure and it’s permanent too! No worries, I love reading your posts 🙂

  • I agree with this. I’m a dad with two kids, and I have been in my house for around 10 years now. The past two years I’ve been in major purge mode. Really evaluating what I have and if I need it.

    I would like to live a cleaner, more streamlined life. And I would also like to have less “things” in the way.

    Sometimes it’s hard getting past the initial emotional attachment to something. But once you start to get rid of things it gets much easier.

    • I agree with the difficulty to let go of the things that have sentimental values, but it is also true when you said that it will get easier once you’ve started it. Sometimes after getting rid of those things, you will also realize in the long run that you can actually live without them. I’ve done that with my books. 🙁 It was so hard at first, but then I just forgot about them. 😀

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    These are really great tips!

  • This is definitely a way of living my fiance would love for me to try …I’m such a hoarder! He had me get rid of a lot of things after moving my things into our first house together hahaha

    • Hahaha! I used to be a hoarder too! But I realized I no longer have enough space for the things I have and I feel like I always need to worry about them when I am away (like when I travel), so I decided to do this. 😛

  • I try to be a minimalist but I can’t help but like to buy things to decor my place :$ nothing too crazy tho.. just books, arts & crafts, video game stuff….. lol but I do agree, it does help you become less materialistic, I like to keep my home simple but still decorated to my liking with cute decor. I also tend to be a hoarder for when it comes to clothes and shoes… hahahah

    • I’ve been trying to be a minimalist since God knows when but I just seriously got into it last year since I needed to save up for travels. I also thought I couldn’t bring all my stuff when I move, so this is the way to go. 😀 And remembering how your home look like when we had our video call last time, I think it’s pretty admirable. I like your wardrobe! And your closet! <3

      • You can come move into my closet I’m sure you’ll fit LOL

        • Give me a visa. Hahaha. It’s good to know you have space for me in your closet because one day, I’ll be there and you’ll wake up one morning with all your clothes gone. Hahahahahaha

  • thetravelpockets

    I try to be a minimalist, but I love finding cute stuff at flea markets. It’s so hard to resist! I love that photo. Is that your room? That’s the kind of room I want!

    • I think it’s okay to reward yourself with cute stuff once in a while. I, too, am still guilty of it. 😀 And thank you! It was my old room back when I was still living with my mom. <3

  • What a lovely post Diana. I really love how you can tell that you just LOVE being Minimalistic. Also, that bedroom equals goals. Well done!

  • I love this, this is the way I like living. Less is more! Also it is great that the less you spend on material things you can spend it on creating memories with your loved ones! I am teaching my daughter also this, hope she learns well and apply it to her life moving forward.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I hope you get to teach your daughter and apply it. I think it will also help you save up for when she goes to Uni. 😛