Make This World A Happier Place By Actually Being In It


Sometimes I feel like I was not made for this world. And sometimes I wish there was another planet dedicated for me to live by myself. Sounds lonely, but I do think I’ll be happier and relaxed. I won’t have anything to think about besides my survival.

The thing is, I always think more about other people than I think about myself. I always want myself to be happy, of course, but making other people is much more a priority to me. I want people around me to be happy so I can be happy.

I am that kind of person who won’t stop until you give me a smile. If I knew something was wrong, I will make sure it gets fixed right away. I do think that I care too much about others more than I care for myself. It may be good and bad at the same time. Good for others, bad for me — because I have the tendency to disregard how I feel for the sake of other people.

I don’t want thinking the whole day or night, but when I know that someone is not happy somewhere, I won’t stop trying to figure out how to make that person feel better.

I wish everyone will be happier, despite every bad thing that happens on a daily basis. I know that we can’t stop chaos because it is an inevitable and a natural phenomenon, but we shouldn’t live through it, we should get past it. I tell myself to be happy every day. I pray for the people I care about to always have the happiness they deserve.

I know that sometimes things can be a little too much. I have had my share of bad experiences. I get anxious and feel overwhelmed easily. I always think I am weird and I am bad at keeping a connection with other people. And the worst is, I am the WORST when I start liking someone. But I also always tell myself that everything happens, not for a reason, but just because life happens and that’s about it. You just have to keep going, and make the world happier by living in it.

I know people always say you should be happy first before you try to make other people happy. But the thing is, when you know you have made someone happier, you feel a bit better about yourself. And that is what I want. Making people happy will make you feel more fulfilled and accomplished. But you shouldn’t just say it or wish for them to be happy, you have to actually do it and show them how.

  • Amanda

    Love this piece. I relate very much. It’s okay to care and help other people, but you can’t allow yourself to be disregarded because you’re so focused on others.

    • That is so true. It’s still best to help but at the same time, not forgetting yourself. Thanks, Amanda! <3