#LOTD: Summer Lovin’ Outfit


Oh summer, here you go again.

Here to stay for a little while

to make us fall in love

and then leave when we’re used to your heat

I wish you were here to stay

So it could be a year-long love affair.

Everybody loves summer! If not all, maybe most of us are in love with it. I am especially in favor of it simply because I love going to the beach and island hopping every summer. But of course, it is also because I love wearing minimal clothes during this season!

Before I went to my recent trip to Palawan, one of the most beautiful and marvelous islands in the Philippines, I visited Forever 21 to shop for some summer clothes. As usual, they never disappoints me. I found my new favorite top. It’s a light orange off-the-shoulder cropped top that shows off my abdomen and my clavicle. It’s no secret that I love flaunting my tummy and collarbone, alright. So this top has become my new favorite style of summer clothing. Pairing it with a high-waist shorts I got from H&M is also the absolute best!

I do think that you can pair this top with anything that is high-waisted. I tried pairing it with a high-waist maxi skirt and it was great, too. Because I loved it so much, I also got another top in red color, and I am going to show that on my next #LOTD! What’s your favorite style during theΒ summer?

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