This week has been a mixture of good and bad, sweet and bitter, hot and cold and so many things, but I still am optimistic about it!

In fact, despite the bad things I had, I was still so positive so much so that I got extremely and unreasonably high and happy a few days back. Here are two #LOTD photos that prove it:

wpid-img_20151028_000052.jpg wpid-img_20151028_120601.jpg

Photos by Judh Domo

H&M Cropped Sweater, Cotton On Bandage Skirt

What do you think of my happy look?

I was high in these photos, and aside from spamming my OTL with messages on Instagram, my kids at work were also victimized by my hyperactivity. I asked the wrong questions in a very cheerful tone, and gave them the wrong and inappropriate kudos.

“Veryyyyy gooooood! That is correcttttt!”

“Ohhh waiiiit! Are you sure that was the correct answer???”

I swear, at that time, I was not the most reliable teacher, but in their eyes, I was the coolest. Is that a bad thing, though? We laughed more than we were supposed to in class, so I think it wasn’t that bad after all.

Also, I’ve decided to stay out of Instagram and Facebook for the weekend. I don’t want any interactions with my OTL, and my family and friends have finally found out my secret Instagram. They don’t know about my secret Twitter account yet, so I am gonna go, freely use and abuse my words there instead. Haha!

I wish everyone the happiest weekend you could ever have! <3

  • you are really so happy and charming fascinating girl… you look awesome…
    charismatic 🙂 diana 🙂

    • Aww. I’d like to contradict you, but also, thank you so much! 🙂

      • No contradiction .. You are a toast of beauty elation 🙂

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