#LOTD: Diamond Hill


To Diamond Hill, off we go

to find a precious garden I didn’t know

I walked all day with an outfit I loved to show

they helped me survive the heat I considered a foe.


So sometimes I like to just walk around and discover new places in Hong Kong. I’ve been in and out of Hong Kong for almost a decade now, since the first time my mom brought me with her. My best friend took me to Diamond Hill, which I haven’t really been to before because I didn’t know there was something special about the place.

It was a very humid day, as usual, so I decided to wear something that I think would help me survive the day without sweating so much. I wore my favorite H&M turtle necked top, my favorite H&M high-waist shorts, and my favorite F21 platform boots. Believe me when I say the boots are so comfortable to wear no matter how long I walk.

Check out all the photos below:

To get to Diamond Hill, it is a bit more convenient to take the MTR than the bus. When you get off the Diamond Hill train station, you will have to find the exit that leads you to a mall. You will see the garden just behind it.

Since it was a very hot and humid day, no matter how short my shorts were and how cropped my cropped top was, I still sweat so much! Make sure to bring extra shirts and bottles of water so you don’t die. <3

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