#LOTD: Casual Saturdays


Happppppyyyyyyy Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy everyone!

I love Saturdays not only because it’s my Sleep-all-day Day but also because I can wear my favorite type of clothing without thinking of other people who will see me. I just stay at home and sleep the whole day during weekends, and I only go out for food in the evening.

I love wearing high waist shorts as they make my legs look longer (haha) and give a bit of definition to my tiny Asian ass (haha!). I always like to match my shorts with long and loose t-shirts just like in the pictures below! 🙂wpid-inshot_20151106_213900.jpg wpid-inshot_20151106_213940.jpg

Shorts: H&M

T-Shirt: Ralph Lauren for Men 😛

What’s your favorite Saturday look?

  • Oh in my country Saturday is the first day of working!:(((

    • Oh yes! I remember a friend telling me that. Anyway, I hope you still had a great day! 🙂

  • You can wear shorts where you’re at? So cheating. Cold here, see.

    • Our weather here is bipolar. Sometimes it is so hot, sometimes it is so cold. Haha! Come here! 😛

  • You look HOT in hot pink Diana!

    Vivienne X

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