I Lost My Muse When I Lost You…

I lost my muse when I lost you

You were the sun, the moon and the stars in my sky

You were my rarest constellation —

the only breathing galaxy in my eyes

You were the wild flowers growing and blooming one by one

among the meadows that filled my life

You were my dream catcher that used to rid me of the nightmares

that had always conquered my nights

You were the air I breathed,

the taste of water and alcohol that danced in between my lips

You were the coffee I drowned myself during my sleeps

You made my days colorful

until I fell and realized

you weren’t there to catch me after all

So you never knew how much I loved the idea

of having you by my side

of your arms wrapped around my tiny body

of your chest pressed against my scapulae

as I felt the rhythm of your beating heart from my back

of your lips planting tiny memories on my neck

as I drifted further down to the abyss of slumber

and the curse of oblivion

You were my muse and I lost you —

In this sea of nostalgia, I lost you
while I thought I almost had you.