The Last Time We Talked


A poem written and contributed by Ellaine Go

That was three years ago, I vividly remember
You asked me how am I and I said I am fine
Though I wished I told the truth, I am surprised I am okay

It was 2013 when you sent that message
I thought it was a prank
But the time you told you were sorry
I cannot hold back my tears anymore and uttered
“Thank God, you were 8,285 miles away from me”

As I was trying to compose myself, you sent another message
I mouthed the words as I read them straight from our chat box
“Can we start over again?” I laughed a bit after I let out a big sigh
I imagine myself saying, “Yes” but instead I said
“We were done three years ago, haven’t you moved on?”

I waited for a reply for a couple hours, but never received one
So I decided to go to your profile
My heart dropped the moment I started reading your status
Facebook did a great job for me on asking, “What’s on your mind?”
I knew it by just reading them, you had too many regrets, on us

“What’s this plane ticket for?” – the first one I read
My eyes got gloomy, you bought a ticket to see me
I opened our chat box, but my fingers could not find the letters
To create words that will bring us back

“I still love you.” – the second one I saw
This one got me the urge to finally type the words
“Babe, I still love you too”
Sent it, but you never opened it

It’s already 2016 and I am still waiting.

Ellaine Go is a 22 year old Industrial Engineer.Β She loves to write musings and create hand-letterings. You can also Β find her at


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