Ironic Love

ironic love

Poem written by Ellaine Go

Your brown eyes captured my black soul
Your wired heart electrified my dead bones
The glow in your face makes my eyes look cold and gloomy
The stream of sweat on your cheeks makes my lips dry
and my mouth thirsty

I have never felt so down and lonely
Your presence has added some spice in my story
But I would have chosen to be far from you
so I can watch how you die slowly,
I’ll celebrate and throw a party

The strands of your hair in my pillow has left some animosity
I do not know how to pick them up cause I like them chilled
and guarded with intimacy
The way you look at me feels both sensual and creepy
But I would rather be creeped out than be craving sensually

My life has been a game of tic tac toe
X for failures and O for “Oh my, what have I done”
But nevertheless, I still love to play, Cluedo would be what I will play all day
So I would have clues on how you murdered my soul,
the police would be alarmed and do the damage control.

Ellaine Go is a 22 year old Industrial Engineer. She loves to write musings and create hand-letterings. You can also  find her at