Inspire Happiness

inspire happiness

Does absolute happiness exist? Majority of people would say no, but it is a pretty subjective idea. For me, absolute happiness does exist when one is content with who he/she is and what he/she possesses.

Absolute happiness is contentment.

Contentment is absolute happiness. It is being happy that you have what you have and you are exactly who you want to be.

When you are happy but you are not content, you start to want more. And when you want more and don’t get what you want, it will lead to disappointment so much so that you start being unhappy. And that is not absolute happiness.

I have always been a happy person, but I have never felt truly content with everything that I have. I may say I am content with something but I would be lying if I say it is permanent. When I do something that makes me happy like traveling, posting good photos on Instagram or having someone to talk to, I do feel really happy, but that happiness is fleeting. It fades away after a while because I start wanting more of these things that make me happy.

And that is probably the main reason why I never stop discovering new things and places, sharing photos and talking to people. I want to see and experience more. I want to share more. I want to talk more.

And when my desire to keep doing these things are not granted or fulfilled, I get upset, depressed and become generally unhappy.

We will never be content with what we have. It is human nature. If one feels like he/she is, then he/she would stop trying and looking for things that make him/her happy, and it would be the end of everything.

With these realizations, I have also come to think that we can never achieve absolute happiness. This isn’t a problem at all, but this is something we can work or improve on.

I see that inspiring happiness is one of the key to achieving an “almost” absolute happiness. When you are happy, there is nothing more amazing than radiating that happiness into other people’s soul.

Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to think of different ways to make other people, other than ourselves, happy. Absolute happiness may be impossible, but we can influence others to be happy, and that’s almost exactly the same. 🙂