Imagine If You Could Write Forever

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Three months ago, I left my full-time job to pursue my writing career. I worked as an ESL teacher to Korean kids for almost three years, and while it was a very fulfilling and enjoyable job, I felt as though I wanted more.

While working as a teacher, I was also writing and blogging regularly. Writing, for me, had always been a very enjoyable thing to do, and when I started earning some cash for writing and blogging, I felt like it was time for me to leave and pursue my writing career. I wanted to expand my horizon, to grow, to learn and to influence more.

Leaving my teaching job was a little hard for me, as I’ve already learned to love teaching the kids. I was able to cope up eventually, but just when I thought I would have lots of time for writing and blogging, that’s when I started slacking off.

I have to admit I lost my motivation to write. I got lazy and I felt like I fell down into a rut. It took me three months to court my muse back, and now that I am back with a new blog and website, I wonder if my blogger friends have forgotten about me.

So many things have changed since three months ago. My blog, Toast&Tea, is no longer a personal blog where I write almost everything I wanted to write about. It has grown and transitioned into a different space — a space I wanted to grow as a community.

I want to call Toast&Tea as a creative space — a space where people could share experiences and inspire one another. I want it to be a place where dreamers, soul searchers, travelers, writers and poets could hang out and interact.

Everyone can write, and that’s an obvious fact. However, not everyone was born with a passion to do it, and not everyone who is passionate about it has the time and the opportunity to actually focus and pay attention to it.

I like to think that I was born a writer. My grandparents said that at the age of three, I already loved writing anything from broken lines to unpredictable shapes even when I didn’t know a single thing back then, and that I would cry every time I could not find a pen. I also remember using banana leaves as paper and wooden sticks as pens when pretending to be a student while playing with my friends.

I think that while there are people like us who had discovered our love and passion for writing at an early age and had the opportunity to pursue it, it is never too late to develop a talent for it and turn this talent into a skill.

I know a lot of people, most of them are my friends, who discovered their love for writing later than they were supposed to. They have always known they have the talent for it, but it took them a long time to realize how much they love it.

A talent for writing, for me, is the most beautiful thing a person can have. You may tell me you don’t have time for it, and I will tell you you are wrong. You have time for it. You just don’t have the courage to dedicate some of your time in doing it.

I believe that everyone of us have the talent to write, but sometimes we lack skills and places to develop and practice our skills. I hope that this personal space I have will grow and expand into a bigger space where I could inspire and motivate many people to express themselves and write their hearts out.


Imagine if all of us are able to write down all that our heart desires to express. Imagine if we are all inspired to follow our dreams through writing. Imagine if we are able to feed our soul with words that comfort us. Imagine how the world could be a better place for each of us. How beautiful life would be if that happens?

Writing will take you to places you never knew you could go to. It will let you meet amazing people you never thought would be in your life. It will make you become the person you never imagined you could be. How amazing would that be?

Now try to write and imagine because everything starts with the desire to write down what you have imagined.


  • Adam

    Best of Luck Diana! Keep Smiling and Try to stay happy ~ Just Beautiful!