II Senses II: Craving



I crave for
a love
I have never
felt before;
for a smile
no one
could ever ignore;
for a touch
only your
hands could
for warm,
tight squeezes
for goodnight kisses
for morning greetings
for your body
against my back
every sunset
every sunrise
I crave
for you to crave
for me
the way plants
crave for sunlight
during rainy season
the way nightwalkers
wait for the sun
to move down
the horizon
during the
summer solstice —
yet intense.

  • Stimulating! Have a great weekend, Diana. 🙂

    • You, too Charles!

  • This is wonderful, Diana. Thank you for creating and sharing it.

    • Thank you, Kevin! I am glad you liked it! 🙂

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