If I Said Hello

Poem written by Ellaine Go

What if I said hello? what if I waved at you?
Would you even look at me?
I wish you would stare
I wish you would flash a smile and wave your pale hands
I wish you would walk towards me

I can imagine it in a slow motion, you were staring at me
Trying to reach for my hand for a quick hand shake
My hands will touch your soft palms and I will never let go
My body would feel the electricity passing through
I wish you would even strike a conversation with me

I can imagine it, just the two of us
In a crowded room, not hearing a single noise but just your voice
We would talk about things, your favorites
We would talk about how you like playing video games
I wish you would even tell me your favorite food

I can imagine it, in a romantic candle-light dinner
Just you and me, in a small circular table
You in a coat and tie looking so dashing
I, wearing a night gown, long red dress with sparkling beads
I wish you would even date me

I can imagine it, you would ask me if I like the set-up
You would order different courses
We would toast and drink our wine
We would leave the scene hoping there would be next time
I wish you would even send me home

I can imagine it, at the back of a limousine
We were sharing stories, your arms slightly touching mine
You looked at me in the most special way I can imagine
You would tell me how beautiful I am
I wish you would even kiss me

I can imagine it, it was a long sensual one
We stopped the moment the car reached my place
As the limousine race to park a little bit farther from where we are,
you waited and watched me enter the front door
I peeked if you were still there, you saw me, you let out a smirk
And mouthed the words, “I love you”

But this is not what happened
I never waved at you and you never looked at me
We were always two ordinary people in a crowded room
We will never share a special moment
But I am wondering, what if I said hello?

Ellaine Go is a 22 year old Industrial Engineer. She loves to write musings and create hand-letterings. You can also  find her at ellainego.com.