“Will you please stop doing that?!” I yelled at him over the phone.

“Doing what?” he asked as if he suddenly forgot what we were talking about.

“Spending money on things you don’t need. I thought we were saving up?”

“I am. I have been saving up. I just…I just…” he started thinking of an excuse.

“You just what? You can’t help it?” I could feel my blood boiling in anger.

“I really want that game,” there he said it. Games. Games. Games. He’s always about those games.

“I thought you said we should not focus on the things we want? …That we should just focus on the things we need?” I asked furiously.

“Yes. I know. But guess what?”


” I don’t need you…but I want you. What are we gonna do about that?”

…and right then and there, all hell broke loose.


Note: This is just a fictional scene. I promise. 😀 It did not happen in real life, but it could.