I Am Not The One You Like



I am not the one you like because you like somebody else. My beauty is not the kind that you can’t resist. The sound of my voice only stays in your mind for a couple of minutes. My smile fades in your memory like a contrail. My entire being doesn’t move your soul. In your eyes, I am not that special. My innocent face bothers your conscience every time you look at me. You see me the way a father sees his newborn child, like a delicate figurine…a doll you don’t want others to play with, yet you don’t dare touch as well.

I am not the one you like because you like something else. You like something that is not too easy and not too difficult. I am too much for you to handle, though I make it too easy for you to play with my heart. You like something fun and crazy, yet my cheerfulness and enthusiasm drain your energy. You like something you can touch with your bare hands – something concrete, something close; not something you can only touch with your heart and soul, not something from afar.

I am not the one you like because you simply don’t like me. You like somebody else. You like something else. Somebody else that is not me. Something else that’s not who I am.





  • Fuck narcissist and their Madonna/Whore complexes!!!!! Be who you are regardless of who he is. Do not ever allow a man to steal your glow as I have allowed so many to taint mines. I want you to live vicariously through my mistakes but be so much more than I could have ever been in this life. You are much more than your emotions, be strong. Be you. Be fucking amazing!!

    • I know…I am trying my best. Thank you…and I love you always! :3

  • Adam

    How anyone who meets you can overcome the addiction that is you is something I can’t understand. Never underestimate yourself and don’t invest too much time and heart in someone who doesn’t feel you are the most important person in his life!

    • Thank you for reminding me, Adam. I appreciate it.

  • Be yourself and one day you will find someone who loves you the way you are and not the way you pretended to be. 🙂

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