I Am Not The One For You

night magic


I am not the one for you. You deserve someone better, someone who isn’t me. I know you still think that I will change my mind, and that you believe that one day, I will see right through your heart and realize that it is you whom I want to be with for the rest of my life. I know you still wait for that day when my heart starts beating for yours. I know you’re thinking that it is just the wrong time for me, and that the right time will come for both you and me to be together.

I am not the one for you. I am sorry, but I don’t think I am. You are an amazing person. I am sure you are aware of that. You can easily find someone new. Other women adore you. You’ve got the kindest and sweetest heart, and I know someone is more deserving to have it than I am.

I am not the one for you. I did not stop talking to you. I just can’t talk to you the whole day. I am not mad at you, and you should know that there is nothing about you that will ever make me mad. You never did anything wrong to me – except loving me. You can do better than that. You can love someone better than me.

I am not the one for you. I want you to be happy with someone else — someone who is willing to give you everything you want. Someone who can reciprocate you as strongly as you do. You deserve someone who doesn’t write you a letter like this, but a letter that will make your heart flutter and make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

I am not the one for you. I want you to stop waiting for my reply. Stop calling me on my phone. I never use my phone that much anymore. Stop asking how I am, or if I have eaten at the right time, and telling me to drink more water. You are not a doctor, and you are not my mother.

I am not the one for you. I want to thank you for all the nice things you have done for me. Thank you for making me feel better about myself, and for trying to make me happy. If you really want me to be happy, you will let me be, just please release me so I can be free.

I am not the one for you. But if you still think I am, after reading this, then I will just let you be. I will release you, so you can be free.




  • This is sad. :

  • Did the storm miss you? How are you?

    • I wasn’t sure if you were referring to the storm literally or figuratively, so I kind of hesitated to answer this. Haha! If you were referring to the storm that recently hit my country, some areas were greatly affected, but I am fine where I am at the moment. Besides that, there’s a storm currently going on in my heart. Haha. How are you? Have a great day! 🙂

  • Someday, but not today…

  • But I am the one for you.

    • You definitely are, and you are perfect for moi! <3

  • Lovely.

  • Beautiful.