I am letting you go

“I hope that one day you will be able to forgive me. I hope that one day you find someone who will give you everything you need and want. I know one day that will come…and it is sad to know that I won’t be a part of that day.” Not anymore.

  • Hi Diana. i’ve just read the post you reblogged and am touched by how sad it is. But, at my age, I could easily comment that feelings like that are quite common when we’re young. It’s so easy to doubt yourself -even hate youreself – and to question your role in life and what the future holds for you. I hope those feelings soon pass before even deeper depression sets in.
    Thank you for liking so many of my posts earlier, too. That was a nice surprise. By the way, is your blog award free? I ask because I nominated you for one a while ago and you didn’t respond. I’ll be posting another one later today and would love to nominate you. If you don’t do awards, of course that’s fine. If you could let me know, I’d be grateful. 🙂
    We’re leaving in about an hour for Gatwick airport. We’ll be in a hotel there overnight before flying out to Malta for the week. We’re all packed and about to have some lunch, so I’m playing about on WP while I can! Talk again soon… 🙂

    • Hello, Millie! Thank you for taking some time to read and to write to me. This is a post I have shared on The Fickle Heartbeat a few months ago, and I feel like it perfectly describes how I am feeling again at the moment. I totally believe in what you said, and I am still trying to look at the brighter side. 🙂

      Oh yes! I apologize for not responding to your nominations. I may have overlooked it. 🙁 I would really love to participate in any awards.

      It sounds like you’re going on a vacation! Malta is beautiful! I hope you’ll have so much fun!

      • Thanks, Diana. I’m down near Gatwick airport now, at a little village called Copthorne. The hotel is a lovely old place and we have a taxi to the airport at 6.30 in the morning. Anyway, I’ll try to get the awards post up later. I hope you really do fel better now. Have you actually broken up with your boyfriend, or are you just really missing him? I’m so sorry you’re feeling so miserable. Take care of yourself.