Hold Her Hand.


Do you need me to hold your hand?

It came out more like sarcasm than actually asking if she needed help.

No. I can do this alone.

She turned her back and walked as fast as she could. She didn’t dare to look back, scared of seeing him walk away.

She didn’t need him to hold her hand. She wanted him to. It would have been nice if he did.





  • A missed opportunity that I’m sure that he will come to regret. 😉

    • I hope so! Everyone who does this has to regret it at some point. 😛

  • Aww it would have.😐😡😡

    • Aww don’t be mad. It’s just a story. Hehe. *hugs*

      • Lol but it’s sad! Ack don’t mind me I get attached to such things lol

      • Hey Di the Ldr community never got back to me. Is my blog not what they are looking for? Just thought it’d be nice to be part of the support system they have going on with other bloggers.

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          • Early this week I think. So your invite to Kaye and I asked her about it. And said to put her down as a referral

            • I am sorry. Our problem started earlier this week. It also took a while before we accepted Kaye in our community, and that was because we had problems with e-mail stuff. I had to constantly check into it and asked our admins for applications just to make sure they were received. Kaye is still new in our community. We accepted her this week, I think. Don’t worry dear, I will check your application. If you wish to contact me via email, here is my email: dianaruthmarcos@gmail.com I am sorry again and thank you for your patience. 🙂

  • Sometimes we do want attention from someone who just doesn’t care. 🙁

  • He is a Loser…