Have I Not Told You Yet?

We all have a sacred, wild, healing, wise force within us; our inner Shaman. The concept of an inner Shaman suggests that we are not just a part of God/Goddess, we do not just contain a spark of this brilliance, we ARE God/Goddess manifest in human form. We are not just a part of nature, we ARE nature. We do not just have beauty within us, we ARE beauty. Awaken the inner Shaman from her dream and synchronize with the power to heal, step into purpose, and live as your sacred self.:


The leaves fall
as Fall leaves.
The sun dazzles
before your dazzling eyes
Have I not told you yet?
You aren’t just my Universe,
You are my entire Supermassive Blackhole

To me,
You are worth the millions and billions
of solar masses
You are the body of my galaxy
The eye of my constellation
The only star falling for me

You are my entire life
My everything
I lose myself in you
Have I not told you yet?