“I hate you!” she screamed at him for the millionth time.

Her anger radiated from every vein and nerve in her body. Her eyes were getting red, as if flames were coming out of it.

He looked at her dumbfounded. He was not sure why she was acting like that again, but he knew that she had always hated him. She hated every inch of him. The sight of him made her entire soul convulse in fury.

“I…don’t…want…to…see…your…face……ever…again,” she said slowly, making sure she enunciated every single word clearly.

It was one of the saddest lines he had ever heard and he wanted to believe she didn’t mean it. But she did. She never wanted to see him again. Seeing him would always bring back the pain she thought she had already forgotten. He had always given her a reason to break, and she no longer wanted that to happen…ever again.

She brought out all of the photos of them together and slowly tore them one by one in front of him.

Her face — expressionless.

He stood in front of her — speechless.

As she went on to destroy the last piece of photograph, her tears began to fall like the first snowfall in October. Silent but deafening. He stepped a little closer to her as she bowed her head and stared at all the torn pieces of photographs.

“DON’T!” she screamed again as she looked up before he had a chance to touch her.

“I hate you!” she screamed at him for the millionth time.




  • Very emotional piece. I literally can feel the anger through the words.

    • Whew! That’s heavy.

      • Heavier than the truckload of pickles I am sending you! Hahaha

    • The funny thing is, I wasn’t even angry while writing this. 😀 Thank you for reading it, Kally! <3

      • You’re most welcome!! Have a great week. Weekend is coming!!!!

        • Oh yes! Time flies so fast but I love it! 🙂

  • Powerful. Loved it.

    • I’m glad you loved it! Thank you! 🙂

  • Power and emotion girl! I’ve been here-thank you for this

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