Forgetting How You Sound When All I Hear Is You


You know the scariest thought about losing someone who has played a big role in your life? It is the idea that you will never have a chance to remember the sound of their voice again.

As days will go by, you will start forgetting how high or low their pitch is. You will no longer remember how their voice cracks when they cry or laugh, how loud they sound when they get mad. The memory will still be there, but the sound will soon fade away.

I could still remember how you would look at me when I am with you. The image of your face is always fresh and vivid in my memory. But how you sound…it is slowly vanishing in my inner ear like a melting butter left outside on a sunny day.

I am scared.

I am so close…to forgetting how you sound.

I am scared that I will soon forget that one thing I have fallen in love with.

I could think of many beautiful adjectives to describe how you sound. Your voice is my favorite thing to get stuck in my head…like an ear worm of the best kind.

Your voice is something that gets me through the day. It is the soundtrack that ceaselessly plays in my head from the time the sun rises and the moment it sets.

I couldn’t care less if I forget everything but I hope not to forgetΒ how you used to speak to me softly and full of love.

You are my favorite song. I would listen to you day in and day out until I learn every word in your lyrics.

And when the day comes that I forget how you sound, I’ll keep looking for you. Even when I could no longer remember what I am looking for, I’ll never stop. I’ll never listen to a different song…because that’s how much I love you.

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