Favorite Filipino Food

Just today, I had one of the best lunch meals so far. Our table was filled with different kinds of food, and we prepared them Filipino style. I have never done this in a while, and I have missed it so much. For a couple of months, I have been preparing easy food like salad and processed food, and I have been eating out because I haven’t got enough time to make “real food” these days.


Sliced ripe mangoes and mangosteen for desserts. Filipino meals always have fruits for desserts. We could have different fruits on our table, but mangoes are the most popular.


These are deep fried boneless “bangus” or milk fish. This is usually eaten best at breafkast. We usually serve this with soy sauce and calamansi (a tiny green citrusy fruit)

Bangus or milk fish is obviously one of Filipinos’ favorites. It could be prepared in many different ways like the boneless bangus, grilled and stuffed with onions, bell pepper, tomatoes and sinigang (soup).


This is a mixture of shredded grilled eggplants, green mangoes, tomatoes and onions. It is usually served with fish paste or salted shrimp paste.


We never have meals without sticky rice. There should always be rice on the table. The green ones on my plate are river spinach.

These are just some of my favorite Filipino dishes. Do you have a favorite Filipino dish?