Find Someone Who Believes in You


Find someone who doesn’t only believe in what you say, but also believes in what you can do.
Find someone who inspires you to be a better version of yourself, if not, the best.
Find someone who tells you that you can do things when you start to feel powerless.
Find someone who never stops motivating you because s/he knows you are capable of reaching your goals when you make an extra effort into doing it.
Find someone who will be your rock when you feel weak, who will be your light when the stars in your sky slowly begin to fade.
Find someone who doesn’t have to be physically there for you, but someone you can keep in your heart to make it stronger than it ever was.
Today, I am very thankful to have found that person. That someone who never stops inspiring me. That person who believes in me, my skills, my abilities, everything.
Today, I feel better than who I was yesterday.

You may think it’s hard. You may think it’s impossible. But nothing is hard and impossible for a heart that desires nothing more than success and happiness.
Always remember that. The power to do the impossible is in your own hands. You have the power to choose what is best for yourself. There is nothing more fulfilling than reaping the rewards of your own hard work, but the happiness you feel when you know you have someone who always has your back will always be incomparable.

If you’re an introvert, you will probably say, “I don’t have anyone”, or “I don’t need anyone.” That’s understandable. But anyone doesn’t always have to be a friend or a romantic interest.

Anyone can be your mom.

Your dad.

Your brother.

Your sister.

Your grandmother.

Your grandfather.

Anyone in your family.

If you’re in a romantic relationship, your partner should be able to that. S/he must constantly support you in achieving your dreams, because if not, why are you with that person? 

When you’ve finally found that person who believes in you, and thus, supports you, don’t just stand there. Be thankful. Hold that person’s hand and let that person know you appreciate his/her presence in your life. ❤️

– Diana

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