When You Fall In Love With A Poet

You’d think that when a poet falls in love with another poet and he loves her back, they’ll live happily ever after.

Two souls with similar minds.

Two bodies making love at 11pm only to wake up at 3am, scribbling words of endless passion on each other’s back.

Two hearts exchanging strong emotions.

Two bodies burning with the promise of eternal oneness.

Only to separate when the sun rises the next day, never to meet again.

Almost perfect.

I have dreamed of the perfect poet — the one who would only whisper beautiful lexicons into my ears;

— the one I have no problem falling in love with every time the sun rises and the moon floats up the sky;

— the one who would find it difficult to leave me behind and would cross oceans to be by my side.

I have dreamed of the mythical poet who would find the good in my imperfections.

But not all people are born poets, and not all poets fall in love with other poets.

When you fall in love with a poet like me

And you are in no way great with your own words,

I wish for you to have the courage to understand that not all poets are great lovers.

This is why two poets falling in love with each other are like lightnings flashing at the same time.

Impatient and unforgiving.

Abrupt and proud of what they are.

I am great with my words but I will not be great in loving you.

I am like the plant,

the rose, the succulent.

I am a beautiful stalk filled with angry thorns.

I am soft water, barricaded with emotions —

Emotions that smother.

Emotions that overwhelm.

Emotions that kill dreams and fantasies.

When you fall in love with a poet, get ready to die every day.

Get ready to feel all the emotions you haven’t felt before.

Get ready to be vulnerable, for I am a mass of intense emotions.

Like a thunderstorm, I am sporadic.

Teach me to be patient.

Teach me to be genuinely happy.

Teach me to love you the right way

because the only love I know is the one that roots from pain.

When you fall in love with a poet,

you get both the curse of darkness

and the promise of an undying love.