Fall in Love with the One Who Found You When You Couldn’t Find Yourself


I always tell myself…

Fall in love with yourself first.

But that line has long been kept and hidden in the depth of my consciousness.

When you’re so lost, even when you love yourself, you’re still lost.

That’s not going to change.

Until you open your eyes and realize who’s there for you when you’re busy focusing on yourself because you don’t know what to do.

So fall in love.

Not only with yourself.

But also with the one choosing to fall in love with you when you’re busy trying to learn how to love yourself.

Fall in love with someone.

Fall in love with the one who found you when you were lost.

Falling in love. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes it just happens. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all.

But when you do fall in love, I hope you fall in love with the right one.

Fall in love with the one who found you when you were still lost. 

When you still can’t figure out yourself. 

When you still don’t know what you want. 

When you still have no idea what to do and how to do things.

Fall in love with the one who saw you first when you were vulnerable. 

The one who saw the tears in your eyes that night you curled up in the dark.

The one who knew what’s hurting you.

The one who always knew how to make things right and less painful.

Fall in love with the one who doesn’t leave whether you’re at your best or you’re at your worst.

The one who could always put a smile on your face when everything in this world seems to be conspiring against you.

The one who would be willing to be your life support.

The one who would always make sure they’ve got your back.

Fall in love with the one who would always choose you, choose to love you, choose to be with you.

Because being with you is not just for convenience.

It’s not just for company.

But also because it is the only choice that would make that other person happy.

Fall in love. Even when you think you’re just romanticizing.

Even when you think you’re better off alone.

Even when you think it’s enough to just love yourself.

Fall in love even when you think it is the wrong time to do so.

Because darling, it’s only wrong timing when it’s with the wrong person.

But with the right person, there’s never a wrong time.

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