Ten Things To Do Alone At Home When You Feel Depressed

I don’t believe in people who never get depressed. Every one of us experiences this once, twice, or even many times in our lifetime. Those who say they never experience it, I suppose, are those who we call “in-denials”. They don’t want to admit the reality that yes, we get depressed sometimes, and it’s okay.

I believe in people who get depressed, even those who seem to have it all but still don’t get satisfied with their life. I believe in crying without knowing the reason why. I believe in disconnecting from the world until you feel okay again. I believe in finding ways to feel better and be happier.

I get either a little depressed or way too depressed occasionally. It has become like a vice that I have a hard time to get rid of. I don’t know how to control it, but I still try to get away from it. I do things on my own. I find things to do to motivate myself to be in a better situation. And I want to take this chance to share the things I do with you, and hopefully, it can help you in the future, when you no longer know what to do.


1. Take a warm bath or a cold shower.

There’s nothing more relaxing and refreshing than a warm bath or a cold shower. If you were lucky to have a bath tub, fill it with warm water and a bath soap with a Jasmine, a Chamomile, or a Lavender scent. You can even have one with a minty scent. For added relaxation, light a scented candle, and just savor the moment.

If you’re unfortunate enough (what a depressing phrase) and don’t have a bath tub to soak yourself in, you can take a cold shower. It will refresh you and the water flowing down your body will take away all the bad emotions you are feeling.

2. Cry it all out in the shower.

You have to remember that it’s not that bad to cry. When I was young, I always thought that my dad didn’t care when he ignored me every time I was crying. Then he told me, he did that to let me know it was okay to cry and that sometimes people need it to get rid of the bad feelings we have in our chest. So when you feel depressed, just cry it all out. Let your tears cleanse your mind, heart, and soul. And then feel better afterward.

3. Listen to music you love.

There are people who do not really appreciate listening to music because it triggers a certain emotion out of them that they do not like. But if you’re one of the people who appreciate music, listen to songs that you love and ones you think will soothe the pain you are feeling inside you.

For me, I always listen to old songs when I am feeling down. Sometimes it makes me feel better. Sometimes it makes me feel worse because it reminds me so many unwanted memories. Hence, I recommend listening only to music that does not make you become nostalgic. Lately, I’ve been finding Latin music as a source of happiness. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I barely comprehend the lyrics and the tunes are always so uplighting. No matter what genre it is, listen to music that will help improve your mood.

4. Wear your favorite sweater and read a self-help book.

If it’s too hot, turn the AC on and wear your favorite sweater. When you feel very comfortable in what you’re wearing, you sometimes instantly feel better. If it’s also possible, try to put your sweater in the dryer to make it warm and then wear it.

Reading a self-help book also makes me feel better at times I am doubting myself. I’ve been reading this book about the habits highly effective people must possess. I would say it really helps me a lot in motivating myself to be a better person and achieve all the goals I have set for myself. It serves as a reminder that I can do things if I stay determined and dedicated to my goals.

5. Turn off your phone and disconnect.

Sometimes all you have to do is disconnect from the digital world because it can really get overwhelming. Sometimes it’s all too much to take in that you start feeling figuratively congested. When you start feeling that way, all you have to do is turn off your phone and disconnect for a little while.

6. Work out with dance music or learn a new dance.

This is one of my favorite things to do when I feel depressed. It instantly uplifts my mood. Working out and dancing are two good ways to release those happy hormones. What I do sometimes is, I do sit-ups and leg work while I listen to dance music. And then sometimes, I also think about learning a new dance. I’ve been trying to learn the samba lately. It’s a little hard teaching myself but thanks to YouTube, I think I am making some progress.

7. Do Karaoke.

Sing even when singing is naturally not for you, even when you were not born to have that golden voice. Sing your heart out in the karaoke. Stop caring about what other people will think of you when they hear your voice.

You’re very lucky if you are blessed to be a great singer, though. You can level this up by making covers like the ones people post on YouTube. I am a bad singer, I tell you. But I still post my videos for people to see sometimes to let people know that I do not need a special talent and be great at everything just to be able to express myself. Everyone can express themselves freely regardless of their talents and skills.

8. Satisfy your tummy with food you haven’t had in a while.

Nothing is more satisfying than eating delicious food. Treat yourself to a nice dinner or cook something you haven’t had in a long time. Don’t deprive yourself this one-time luxury.

9. Do random things like drawing cat whiskers on your cheeks or a sunflower on your arm and create outfit ideas by trying out the clothes in your wardrobe and taking photos of your outfits.

I like to do random things when I feel depressed. One of my favorites is drawing random stuff on my body and try to be cute. Who would even feel bad when they see whiskers drawn on their face or a sunflower on their arm? It may sound stupid because you have to wash and clean it afterwards, but at least it lightens up your mood. Another random thing I like to do is trying to mix and match the clothes I haven’t worn in a while. I just wear them and then take photos of them. Do not be scared to do stupid things. Sometimes the things we think are stupid are the ones that can actually help us.

10. Sleep early and wake up early.

My friends will always tell me, “Don’t stay in bed the whole day. It will make you feel more depressed.” And it is true. During the day, do the things I have listed above and make yourself preoccupied. Having these activities will then make you feel tired at night and will help you catch sleep early. Try to sleep early and wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

These are just simple things that help me get over my sporadic downtimes. It is something I really do not like because no one deserves to experience it. But I also think it serves as a challenge for us to become better.

Did this post help you learn something? Do you have other things to add to my list? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you!

Be Smart but Kind

Sometimes in your life, you will come across people who will smart-shame you. 

These are people who appreciate things other than intelligence. They are oftentimes the kind of people who like to rush things and put lots of pressure on everyone just to immediately see an end-result. They want everyone to have the pace as fast as theirs. 

But here is something you need to always remember: not everyone’s pace is all the same so don’t listen to them. 

I would say I used to rush everything in my life and in the past few years, I’ve learned how to slow down and realized that sometimes “fast” is not good. 

Sometimes you have to slow down in the middle of your race to breathe and think. It doesn’t mean you are stupid. It doesn’t mean you are not smart. 

“Fast” does not always mean “smart”. 

And you, no matter how slow or fast you get, have your own version of “smart”. 

But you also have to remember not to brag about your skills and knowledge. 

Sometimes people become too egotistical when they have learned more than others have or when they have more experiences in life. Sometimes they will mock you for it. Sometimes you will be the one mocking them for it. 

But don’t. 

The best way to educate others is not by telling them how much you know, but by showing them what you know and how they can learn and achieve it. 🦋

Word of Honor

She hates herself a little more

When you forget to do as you say

She trusts you a little too much

That she forgets words sometimes fail.

Be Like Flowers

Flowers take time to bloom but they never stop until they are fully developed. 

Just like flowers, take time to feed your mind and nurture your soul. 

Take time to learn things. 

Take time to let go. 

Take time to heal. 

Take time to reach your goals. 

Take time to achieve your dreams. 

Take time to do everything. 

Do not rush yourself. 

Do not hurry. 

Do not panic.

Do not get so hung up on being too busy. 

Being too busy is counterproductive. 

You need to take a break, take your time to think and sort things out, declutter your mind, and then get back to work, get back and keep living. 🌸

Her Favorite Sunset 

You are her favorite sunset.

Staring at you with a smile on her face

is how she always wants to end her days.