II Senses X: S=X

I want to be within the space that your arms make

when you hold me close,

to hear the fast and slow beating of your heart

as I nuzzle against your chin

and breathe the scent of your virility.

I want to devour every moment,

to explore your body

and conquer every inch of you that is mine.

Yet at the same time,

I want you to suffer

from the angst of my muliebrity,

and make you feel all my pain

for that is what it takes

to be with a goddess like me —

a lifelong promise

of passionate love

with a touch of misery.

II Senses IX: Bed Post

Your bed post
turns slippery
and a bit harder
to grip
as I hold on to it
You squeeze
my hungry body,
and I could feel
your lips
slightly parted
just above my nape,
you plant
a small kiss
making my knees
— your way
to warn me
not to move
a single inch
I remain static
in my position,
only for me
to realize
I am alone with
my thoughts
of you
and your bed post.

II Senses VIII: Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time,
there was you and me
under these
familiar sheets,
my tiny body
getting used
with your body heat
it was too good to be true
but neither did we
care much about it
until one day you had to go
and all I had were
fragments that didn’t fit
there was something
inside me that wished
you didn’t have to leave
for now,
my legs are cold
my hands are numb
my heart has turned
into concrete
my fingers tremble
as I trace the ink
of your name on my rib.
And now,
you are just a mark on my skin,
a memory in my brain,
and a line in a poem
I want to delete.

II Senses VII: Coffee Shop

And I will remember youeverywhere I go —

Your taste, your scent.

Your breath, your lips

pressed on my neck.

Your touch, your stare

will forever linger in the air.

A memory of you

A memory of me right next to you.

A memory of us sitting silently

in a coffee shop.

Not talking to each other,

but holding each other’s hands

Savoring every moment

Without saying a single word.

Just you.

Just us.

Just you and I.

II Senses VI: Cold Sheets

An empty bed found under cold sheets

the comfort I feel

does not compare to what you give me

when you lay underneath.

A heart is frozen

within these covers,

and only you can make it warm

with your presence

and the love you shower.

A heart is lonely

inside its parameters,

and only you can heat up

the ice that numbs it

and stops  it from beating.

If these sheets could talk

I would ask them to tell you

how much I long for you

to touch every inch

of me.

If only these sheets could walk,

I want them to go straight

to where you are

so you could feel

me within your arms.

Once again,

my love.

Only for tonight.