How To Be Successful Without Being Rich

 Oftentimes when you think of success, you think of money. And when you think of money, you think of people who are financially and economically blessed like Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs or anyone who has produced something that has helped your country’s or the world’s economy.

When you think of success, you think of fame. You think of celebrities like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. You think of anyone who seems to be doing great at what almost everyone is dreaming to do.

When you think of success, you think of luxury. And when you think of luxury, you think of people who live their life to the fullest doing and getting things they can afford like the Kardashians and people who were born with silver spoon in their mouths.

But success isn’t always measured by how much you already have or how popular you have already become. It is not about having so much or being able to afford everything you want.

Think of the people in your life who have lots of money. Most of them seem to be living their life, posting photos of things they have, places they visit, and people they socialize with. But how many of them actually live happily and satisfyingly? How many live horribly and unhappily? You will never know.

You will only know once you hear it in the news that one of them has committed suicide by hanging themselves, or by drowning themselves in alcohol or overdosing themselves on drugs. That’s when you realize that not every thing you know based on a superficial level is actually what’s going on in real life.

So if you asked me, are all rich people actually successful?

My answer would be a no. Not all rich people are.

Success, for me, is more than numbers. SUCCESS IS A FEELING. It is actually measured by how evolved you are as a person and how you still ache for yourself to continuously evolve. It is about being able to use the excess that you have for good purposes. It is about being happy and content with what you have, but not stopping there. It is about having the urge to discover things, to learn, to grow.

Now if you asked me if I feel successful, my answer would be a YES.

I feel successful minus the numbers.

I feel successful because I feel surrounded by high-frequency people. I have stopped surrounding myself with low-frequency ones for a long period of time and started spending more time and effort with the ones who actually add more value to my life. These people I am referring to are mostly my family and my trusted friends.

I feel successful because I am doing the things I enjoy doing. I have stopped eating crappy food all the time and started doing high-quality activities. Currently, I am working remotely as a full-time social media manager and a business development manager. Sometimes when I am feeling lazy (and you’re allowed to be lazy), I work from my bed. And sometimes when I am feeling more productive, I am that girl you see with her MacBook in a coffee shop.

I feel successful because I can work at anytime, anywhere. And on my free time, I can do whatever I want. I usually work and get productive at night. I work from nine in the evening until four in the morning, with lots of small breaks in between. When I finish my work, I prepare myself and go for a run. I do that three times a week. And on the days I don’t feel like doing anything strenuous, I plan to get out of the city and visit my grandmother.

I feel successful because I have started getting rid of the things that I do not need anymore and stopped adding or owning things that aren’t actually important. In the beginning, I had a hard time practicing a minimalist life. But now, I can live every day with just my computer, my phone, some basic things I need and nothing more. I moved in with my friends in Manila a month ago, and all I have with me are one handbag containing my clothes and a backpack where I keep my computer and all my necessities.

In other words, I feel successful because I feel like I am living a balanced life. I work from home some days, then work outside where I can get free wifi on other days. I do physical activities three times a week and then do nothing physically tiring for the rest of the week. I eat healthy food and then I treat myself with something unhealthy (like fast food haha) after. I hustle and chill on weekdays and go party or socialize with friends on the weekends.

Success is like…never stopping yourself from improvement and never staying away from opportunities.

I’ve learned in the past few months that networking or socializing with new people every day actually helps you a lot in establishing your career. Had I not realized it, I would still be working part-time for small companies right now. But thanks to the amazing woman I met from the Rise Conference in Hong Kong last July, I was able to put myself out there and introduce myself to people who I know would play a very important role in my career.

Now, I have been receiving lots of offers from big companies, both local and international. I have also been getting brand sponsorships and collaborations. In short, career wise, I am doing really well and I will keep doing well. I crave to be more evolved so I could focus on the more important things and people in my life.

I have come close to living with my values and ideals and it feels amazing. I feel happier now. I feel more present with the people I love dearly. I spend my time better and I am focusing on achieving more goals and pursuing more dreams. I feel more resilient when it comes to taking challenges. I feel like I am living at a frequency higher than what I have before.

To feel successful, you have to be more focused on high-quality living. It doesn’t mean you have to live a luxurious life. It means being able to easily spot mediocrity and stay away from it. It means not spending your time with just about anyone anymore, but choosing the right people to share your precious time with. It means not eating anything on the table just because it is there in front of you but picking what goes into your body because you know that your body naturally ages and not everything you eat can be beneficial to it.

Living a high-quality life means being smart financially and emotionally. It is cutting back on spending your money on things that don’t last long or cutting back on spending your time on relationships that don’t allow you to grow. It means investing in something that you know will improve your life in the future. Your values and your relationships must always be both high qualities. Your everyday life should always only involve the things that you highly value.

Doing these things and following these principles, I admit, are difficult. It takes a while for you to be able to live with momentum and balance. But if you take it one step at a time, I am pretty sure, you will get to it. You don’t need lots of money to feel successful. You don’t need to live beyond your means just to show people you have everything you could ever want. You don’t need to pretend to be well-off when you know you have debts you haven’t paid. If there’s anything I am proud of about myself, it is the fact that even though I am not rich, I don’t have any debts. People can continuously mock me and tell me I am unsuccessful because I cannot afford the stuff they can. But here’s the thing, I always live within my means and make sure I only get what I can afford. And when I want something but I cannot afford it, I hustle more until I can get it.

And that, my lovelies, is how you can feel successful, like me, even though other people think you are not because you’re not rich. 😛

Get Your Exclusive Hong Kong Kings Snapback

Hello, everyone! It has been a while since I have written a blog post that’s not about my emotions and spur-of-the-moment kind of rants. You’ve probably gotten tired of it. Hah! So right now, I am blogging from Hong Kong International Airport about my recent collaboration with my newly-discovered favorite Snapback Hat store, the Hong Kong Kings.

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They produce Hong Kong inspired exclusive snapbacks that are currently in a limited version. What is special about them is that they only produce snapbacks for select people who are mainly involved in music and sports.

When I think about it, I am not even sure I am a hundred-percent deserving to have one of their snapbacks. But because I am very persistent and I really like their hats, I am thankful I got a chance to meet Hong Kong Kings itself.

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Unanswered Questions

Sometimes you would want to ask them why.

You want to understand why.

Why they don’t like you.

Why they can’t love you.

Why they can’t stay with you.

Why they can’t come back to you.

Is it your big, orange hair that seems to be full of mystery? Is it your innocent smile that makes them feel miserable because they cannot smile the same way that you can? Is it your skinny body that cannot do sports?

Is it because you hate sushi and anything raw? That you do not want to eat almost everything that they like? Is it because you do not share the same interest even when you try to understand them and support them because it’s what makes them happy?

Sometimes you would ask them if it was just because you were ugly? That you cannot sleep without your choker on but you can sleep with your makeup still on your face.

Sometimes you would ask so many questions that no one could ever really answer, not even yourself.

And then you realize…

You are fucking lonely.

And you are just fucking insecure.

Is that what you deserve? Is that how you want your life to be?

To be just a”sometimes” question that never gets answered?

Two Kinds of People Who Consume Love

There are two kinds of people around the dining table — one that leaves when the best dish is no longer being served, and one that stays craving for something more of what’s no longer there.

When it comes to love, you need to know which of the two you are supposed to be.

Leave the table when love is no longer being served.

Or teach yourself to stay, to hope that maybe more love will come later. To work things out because love is worth it. It’s all worth it.


Forgetting How You Sound When All I Hear Is You

You know the scariest thought about losing someone who has played a big role in your life? It is the idea that you will never have a chance to remember the sound of their voice again.

As days will go by, you will start forgetting how high or low their pitch is. You will no longer remember how their voice cracks when they cry or laugh, how loud they sound when they get mad. The memory will still be there, but the sound will soon fade away.

I could still remember how you would look at me when I am with you. The image of your face is always fresh and vivid in my memory. But how you sound…it is slowly vanishing in my inner ear like a melting butter left outside on a sunny day.

I am scared.

I am so close…to forgetting how you sound.

I am scared that I will soon forget that one thing I have fallen in love with.

I could think of many beautiful adjectives to describe how you sound. Your voice is my favorite thing to get stuck in my head…like an ear worm of the best kind.

Your voice is something that gets me through the day. It is the soundtrack that ceaselessly plays in my head from the time the sun rises and the moment it sets.

I couldn’t care less if I forget everything but I hope not to forget how you used to speak to me softly and full of love.

You are my favorite song. I would listen to you day in and day out until I learn every word in your lyrics.

And when the day comes that I forget how you sound, I’ll keep looking for you. Even when I could no longer remember what I am looking for, I’ll never stop. I’ll never listen to a different song…because that’s how much I love you.