#LOTD: Booty Talks

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post earlier today, I got new pairs of booties! I wore my platform booties when I went to a party last Saturday, but I forgot to take a solo picture. So today, since Miss Philippines disastrously won Miss Universe 2015, I felt so great and happy inside so much so that I did my best to look better. I failed as I had to battle against the heavy traffic jam on my way to work this afternoon.

Nevertheless, here are some pics for today’s #LOTD!


Photo by Nikki P.

I am back to wearing all black every day again. What do you think?

Booty Talks: A Fashion Haul for a Black and White Party

If you’ve seen my Instagram over the weekend, you may have known I had an ultra-amazing weekend! Last Saturday, we had our Black and White party at a bar called “The Frazz” in Metrowalk. I had so much fun hanging out, and drinking with my friends! Plus, we had a small dance competition, and guess who won? Me and my team of course! 😀 I am currently working on a video montage (of our dance rehearsals and our final dance performance. I am hoping to finish it by tomorrow so I can show everyone how it turned out! 🙂

Anyway, a week before our party, I went on a booty hunt! No, I did not hunt for big booties. I went out to buy new ankle boots because my current favorite booties have worn out.

It is very rare for me to find a pair of booties I really like. I am too picky and I have specific things I like in my mind. Luckily, I found two pairs I really love! Here they are in monochromatic flat lays!


I don’t think I have ever had a pair of booties that isn’t high-heeled before. Maybe when I was younger…since I grew up getting used to wearing boots instead of sneakers and sandals. I have always wanted to get myself a non-high-heeled pair, but I always end up buying a pair that’s three inches tall.

I was so happy when I found this pair. It is made of faux leather and the tag says that it will have a rugged vintage look upon wearing. It cost Php 1,800 (around US $39).


This second pair of booties is platform-based and is also made of faux leather. It costs Php 2,360 (around US$5O).

I got both pairs from Forever 21. The pair I always wear on my #LOTD posts is also from Forever 21. I actually love their booties because they are actually of high quality and really fashionable.

Photo by Monika of Destination Humanity

That pair of booties I have above has been with me for two years now, and they’re still doing great. They now have the “rugged vintage” look as its tag promised. 😀

I also bought some small things to add to my beauty kit:

And here was what I wore to the party (not the booties because I wore the other one):


I also wore a cardigan from H&M which you will see in the photos below.

I don’t remember why but I forgot to have a solo photo of me. I think I may have had too much fun. 😀


The last photo above shows us receiving our prize when we won the dance off. It was unexpected and I was so happy for my team.

Here is a short clip of our final performance (credit goes to my friend, Red) as a little teaser of the final video montage:

Dance Clip from Diana Marks on Vimeo.

And here’s us having dinner first before the night got wild. 😀

Dinner from Diana Marks on Vimeo.

Thank you for reading/watching and I hope you also had a great time last weekend! I was off my blog the entire weekend! How was Saturday and Sunday for you?

#LOTD: Peach X Cognac

My #LOTD updates aren’t always on time but here’s my favorite outfit from last week! I matched my Forever 21 bodyfit mid-length dress with my Jellybean Peach Top. The top is actually a see-through top so if I am not wearing anything underneath, you may be able to see my soul. Haha!


This was an easy mix match and I really loved the colors. Normally, girls like me who are naturally tan will avoid wearing anything with these shades of color, but I love it when my skin color is emphasized, so I really don’t care much about that. 😀


What do you think? Thanks for viewing! <3

Photo by Judh Domo

Str-Eat Food, Music and Fashion Fest

Happy Monday everyone! Last Friday, I posted something about my weekend plans and shared that I was going on a food hunt with my friend, Meggie. Well, what I thought to be just a food fest turned out to be a festival of not only food, but also fashion, music and visual arts.

The festival  takes place once a year and it is held on Maginhawa Street. It is place in my city where you can find various restaurants and cafes that offer really good food and drinks.

We used GrabCar to get to our destination since we haven’t tried commuting to this place before, and we were kind of scared we’d get lost. 😀

As we were walking, we saw an old lady holding a bunch of printed balloons. I was so excited I asked Meggie to buy me one. Haha.


I was like a little kid being excited and all. I wanted to buy all the balloons but there was thirty-five of them, and each balloon cost PhP50.00. Even if Meggie helped me pay it, we’d both be broke by then. 😀 The old lady was kind enough to lend me the balloons and have my photo taken with them.


I chose Baymax and I roamed around Maginhawa Street like a lost kid with a balloon. I didn’t care because I was too happy.


Our first stop was BookayUkay. It is a book shop that sells both used and new books at an affordable price, but honestly, I think some of the books cost the same as the ones in local bookstores.

We also made a stop at Artsy Cafe. There was only a few people when we stopped by, but as time passed, many people came in. I loved the interior of the place. It really stood for its name.


We weren’t too hungry then, so we only got Calamares (Breaded squid) and fries. We thought it was just so-so, but then, when we got to taste it, it was surprisingly great.

After that, we went to Maginhawa Streat Food Park where we found various food stalls.


We decided to try Magpie Cafe since all the others were packed with people. We wanted to try The Lost Bread but we would have been the 96th customer waiting in line if we did. I’m sure it would be worth the wait, but I wanted to sit down so bad. 😀


We got the nutty banana waffle and hazelnut latte. The waffle was great! But the hazelnut latte tasted like McDonald’s vanilla latte.

After Magpie Cafe, we stayed out on the street for another hour, ogling at delicious food.

We also bought some really cute stuff. I got Meggie a Minnie mouse headband that glows in the dark. I saw a black pretty romper (which I plan to wear on Saturday) and a white cropped top that has prints of the space.

After eating for the third time, we went to Bali Bliss Nail and Day Spa. We got a full body massage for an hour. It was fantastic! We both felt so great after that. We continued walking around after getting a massage and we left the place around nine in the evening.

I had a great time and it was all worth it. How was your weekend? I hope you also had lots of fun! 🙂


#LOTD: Classic White X Velveteen

I am so behind my #LOTD update but here’s my favorite outfit from last week. My aunt got me this simple but cute cropped top. It has lace details on its tail but it’s not shown on the pictures since I tucked it in. 😀

If it isn’t too obvious in my past #LOTD posts, I like to pair my tennis shoes with my skater skirts. 🙂 What do you think?


Photo by Judh Domo