night regrets

Caffeinated Night




I lie widely awake in my bed,
fighting away the life in my blood
that is making my thoughts dark red.

I stare out into the dark morning,
with all of my reeling thoughts
slowly turning into a lucid thinking.

The golden moment of lucidity at
this dark, twisted day time is only
conjuring unwanted sentimentality;

Re-flaring my already burning rage,
making the bitterness more bitter,
and the pain anything but assuaged;

By the birth of the lightful night I see
all my wishful thinking coming to life,
becoming more vivid than they could ever be.

And tomorrowโ€™s sun is another night,
where Iโ€™d be fighting away death in my blood,
but the life in my mind would be refusing to ignite.


Nikki Piandong is a Language and Literature graduate from the University of the Philippines Baguio. She loves to write poems and confessions on her free time.ย 


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