Barely A Woman


What if

we were all equal?

What if

there were no men

or women?


we were all

just humans

without color

without gender

who didn’t have

to eat

or drink

nor procreate

but could live


No one

would be hungry,

no one

would be busy.

No one

would suffer

the pain

of losing someone.

No eyes

would ever cry,

no hearts

would ever die.


would be free

from temptations

or sins.


our definition

of fun

would forever be gone.

I would love

to find out

for now

I am barely a woman.

HorizontalBar_2(PHOTO BY MONIKA)



  • Nice thought. Randomly unique.

    • Thank you! And yes, it’s so random. I just wrote it on the train. Hihi 🙂

      • I got you. Random thoughts are sometimes the most cherishing. 🙂
        I have experienced a lot of times.

        • I couldn’t agree more! It’s so reassuring to know I am not alone in this. Haha! But sometimes, I try to forget the random thoughts I have. Some thoughts are only good for a short period of time. :3

          • I can agree still. Another thing is we often forget a lot of thoughts too. 😀

  • What a great portrait of you Diana. You look so pretty and natural!

    Vivienne X

    • You are so sweet! Thank you so much, Vivienne! <3

  • How delightful was that!! Omg!! 😱😍

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