How To Be Successful Without Being Rich

 Oftentimes when you think of success, you think of money. And when you think of money, you think of people who are financially and economically blessed like Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs or anyone who has produced something that has helped your country’s or the world’s economy.

When you think of success, you think of fame. You think of celebrities like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. You think of anyone who seems to be doing great at what almost everyone is dreaming to do.

When you think of success, you think of luxury. And when you think of luxury, you think of people who live their life to the fullest doing and getting things they can afford like the Kardashians and people who were born with silver spoon in their mouths.

But success isn’t always measured by how much you already have or how popular you have already become. It is not about having so much or being able to afford everything you want.

Think of the people in your life who have lots of money. Most of them seem to be living their life, posting photos of things they have, places they visit, and people they socialize with. But how many of them actually live happily and satisfyingly? How many live horribly and unhappily? You will never know.

You will only know once you hear it in the news that one of them has committed suicide by hanging themselves, or by drowning themselves in alcohol or overdosing themselves on drugs. That’s when you realize that not every thing you know based on a superficial level is actually what’s going on in real life.

So if you asked me, are all rich people actually successful?

My answer would be a no. Not all rich people are.

Success, for me, is more than numbers. SUCCESS IS A FEELING. It is actually measured by how evolved you are as a person and how you still ache for yourself to continuously evolve. It is about being able to use the excess that you have for good purposes. It is about being happy and content with what you have, but not stopping there. It is about having the urge to discover things, to learn, to grow.

Now if you asked me if I feel successful, my answer would be a YES.

I feel successful minus the numbers.

I feel successful because I feel surrounded by high-frequency people. I have stopped surrounding myself with low-frequency ones for a long period of time and started spending more time and effort with the ones who actually add more value to my life. These people I am referring to are mostly my family and my trusted friends.

I feel successful because I am doing the things I enjoy doing. I have stopped eating crappy food all the time and started doing high-quality activities. Currently, I am working remotely as a full-time social media manager and a business development manager. Sometimes when I am feeling lazy (and you’re allowed to be lazy), I work from my bed. And sometimes when I am feeling more productive, I am that girl you see with her MacBook in a coffee shop.

I feel successful because I can work at anytime, anywhere. And on my free time, I can do whatever I want. I usually work and get productive at night. I work from nine in the evening until four in the morning, with lots of small breaks in between. When I finish my work, I prepare myself and go for a run. I do that three times a week. And on the days I don’t feel like doing anything strenuous, I plan to get out of the city and visit my grandmother.

I feel successful because I have started getting rid of the things that I do not need anymore and stopped adding or owning things that aren’t actually important. In the beginning, I had a hard time practicing a minimalist life. But now, I can live every day with just my computer, my phone, some basic things I need and nothing more. I moved in with my friends in Manila a month ago, and all I have with me are one handbag containing my clothes and a backpack where I keep my computer and all my necessities.

In other words, I feel successful because I feel like I am living a balanced life. I work from home some days, then work outside where I can get free wifi on other days. I do physical activities three times a week and then do nothing physically tiring for the rest of the week. I eat healthy food and then I treat myself with something unhealthy (like fast food haha) after. I hustle and chill on weekdays and go party or socialize with friends on the weekends.

Success is like…never stopping yourself from improvement and never staying away from opportunities.

I’ve learned in the past few months that networking or socializing with new people every day actually helps you a lot in establishing your career. Had I not realized it, I would still be working part-time for small companies right now. But thanks to the amazing woman I met from the Rise Conference in Hong Kong last July, I was able to put myself out there and introduce myself to people who I know would play a very important role in my career.

Now, I have been receiving lots of offers from big companies, both local and international. I have also been getting brand sponsorships and collaborations. In short, career wise, I am doing really well and I will keep doing well. I crave to be more evolved so I could focus on the more important things and people in my life.

I have come close to living with my values and ideals and it feels amazing. I feel happier now. I feel more present with the people I love dearly. I spend my time better and I am focusing on achieving more goals and pursuing more dreams. I feel more resilient when it comes to taking challenges. I feel like I am living at a frequency higher than what I have before.

To feel successful, you have to be more focused on high-quality living. It doesn’t mean you have to live a luxurious life. It means being able to easily spot mediocrity and stay away from it. It means not spending your time with just about anyone anymore, but choosing the right people to share your precious time with. It means not eating anything on the table just because it is there in front of you but picking what goes into your body because you know that your body naturally ages and not everything you eat can be beneficial to it.

Living a high-quality life means being smart financially and emotionally. It is cutting back on spending your money on things that don’t last long or cutting back on spending your time on relationships that don’t allow you to grow. It means investing in something that you know will improve your life in the future. Your values and your relationships must always be both high qualities. Your everyday life should always only involve the things that you highly value.

Doing these things and following these principles, I admit, are difficult. It takes a while for you to be able to live with momentum and balance. But if you take it one step at a time, I am pretty sure, you will get to it. You don’t need lots of money to feel successful. You don’t need to live beyond your means just to show people you have everything you could ever want. You don’t need to pretend to be well-off when you know you have debts you haven’t paid. If there’s anything I am proud of about myself, it is the fact that even though I am not rich, I don’t have any debts. People can continuously mock me and tell me I am unsuccessful because I cannot afford the stuff they can. But here’s the thing, I always live within my means and make sure I only get what I can afford. And when I want something but I cannot afford it, I hustle more until I can get it.

And that, my lovelies, is how you can feel successful, like me, even though other people think you are not because you’re not rich. 😛

Experience Authentic Filipino Dining at Mesa, Ayala Malls the 30th

Over a week ago, I was lucky enough to get invited by a friend of mine to a food tasting event at a newly-opened restaurant serving Filipino cuisine at the Ayala Mall the 30th in Ortigas. The restaurant is called Mesa. If you’re a Filipino or if you’ve been staying in the Philippines for a while, this restaurant must already be familiar with you.

I do believe the name Mesa has something to do with the Tagalog word “mesa” which means “table” in English. I have heard about Mesa so many times from my friends before, but I haven’t actually gotten the chance to go and try their food. Friends and families who have tried them would always recommend them and give positive reviews about them.

I am not so sure about how many outlets they have in the Philippines, but according to one of the owners of the outlet we went to, the one at Ayala Malls the 30th is actually the 30th outlet. How amazing is that?

The Crowd

As I have said, it was a food tasting event, which means a few select bloggers and influencers were there to try the majority of the food they serve. It was a very fun experience for me since I got to mingle with my other blogger friends again and the food was actually amazing.

The photo above shows all the bloggers and influencers who were invited to the food tasting event.

It’s always a great experience when you do fun things with fun people. In the photos above, you can see how happy and excited we were to try all the food that was served.

The Food

Here’s a list of the food that was served for us:

  • Tinapa roll
  • Crispy boneless tilapia w/ 4 sauces
  • Suahe on the rocks
  • Boneless Patatim
  • Crispy boneless Pata
  • Pinatayong Manok
  • Kare Kare beef and tripe
  • Laing
  • Bagoong rice
  • Sisig

One of my favorites is the Tinapa Roll wrap with lettuce (the photo shown above). It costs P155 which is surprisingly cheap, in my opinion. This wrap includes flaked smoked fish, tomatoes, and salted egg inside. It was really good, especially when dipped in vinegar with lots of onions and other spices.


My next favorite would be Suahe on the rocks (the photo above). I loved that they steam the shrimps in front of you. They placed the Suahe in a bowl with boiling water and rocks. Then, they covered the bowl to cook the shrimps. In the photo above, you could see the bloggers in action, taking photos and videos of what was happening.

I would love to share more photos with you. However, these are all the ones I have for now. I was too much in the moment so much so that taking lots of photos of each food that was served was no longer in my mind. I am very happy I was able to try everything despite my lack of experience with food tasting. I am really hoping that this short post would give you some ideas in case you wish to try Filipino food when you’re in Manila or anywhere in the Philippines.

Here are some details you can take note of:

Mesa Ayala Malls the 30th
Like Mesa FB page:
Follow them on TWITTER:
Follow them on INSTAGRAM:

You may Contact for reservation or inquiries: 955-1736 or 0995 2303061

An Open Letter to The One That Got Away

My love.
Life has been tough for the both of us. I am tired. And I know you are tired. You have slowly drifted away from me and we have grown apart.
We are both lost and confused. We do not know where we are heading. The promises we have made have now turned into broken stones. The dreams we have woven in our head together and the goals we have set for us to achieve hands in hands have now become a piece of memory that has seemed to be forever kept in the depths of our hearts.
I love you…so much.
And I will forever love you.
I miss you a lot these days.
I miss waking up to your smile and you constantly asking me if I slept well at night.
I miss your "good mornings."
I miss the way you wrap your big arms around my tiny, quivering body…the way you hold me close to your chest, my warm morning breath against your neck and your soft lips planted on my forehead.
I miss your quick goodbyes when you leave our "home" every day to go to work I know you dread so much. I know that if you only had a chance, you would rather stay by my side and cuddle the whole day without worrying or being anxious that we might not be able to live the next day.

I miss the food you make for me and I miss making food for you.

I miss your subtle kisses, your wholesome touches, as well as your passionate advances.

I miss the way you look at me as though you could never love another.

I miss the times you would tell me I was the best because I take good care of you, whether you're sick, drunk or just sober and making things up.

I miss seeing your funny dances and weird faces when you know I am sad.

I miss your random text messages and video calls while you take a break from work and you're on the street buying some food or drinks, or when you're on your way back home…your way back to me.

Because I have been your home and you have been my home.

We have been each others' home.
And we have failed to notice how we have grown too comfortable with each others' presence that the things we used to do for each other, the things that used to make both of us happy, have now become invaluable.

My love…
I miss you terribly and it has been hard.
It has always been hard for both of us.
The only difference between then and now is that…
Back then, it was only the physical distance that separates us.
There's emotional distance between us.
It has only been more than a week but I am still longing. I am longing for you, my love.
I am not going to ask you to stay because I want you to find your way. I want you to find your happiness even if it means not sharing that happiness with me.
I want you to find your purpose.
I want you to discover what else is there for you in life.
I want you to love yourself, to feel secure and confident with yourself.
I want you to pray even when you don't believe in what it can do for you.
I want you to work on yourself while I work on mine.
Please focus on yourself and don't keep making the same mistakes.
I want you to be better, not for me, but for you.
My love,
I want you to know that I will always be here for you. Even when we stop communicating every day…even when we no longer see each other…even when we start loving another.
I want you to know that you are my angel. Despite your flaws, your doubts, your pessimism…I will always see the best in you. I accept all of you. I forgive you.
And in the end,
I still hope you find your way…your way back to me. I love you. I always will.

Even when you start telling me you don't love me anymore. I still always do.

Maybe in two weeks, in two months or in two years, we would have moved on. But I don't ever want to look forward to the day we both find another person to love. 

Because for me, my love, you are irreplaceable.

That Moment I Fell in Love with BeautyMNL

I've never heard of BeautyMNL before. It was just three weeks ago when I received an email letting me know of its grandiose existence. And since then, I have seen my blogger friends talk about it one-by-one on Instagram and on their respective websites.

What really caught my attention though is their mobile app. Usually, online beauty shops just have their own website, with which you have to visit on your web browser and keep loading pages, while for some, you still have to send them a DM to give them your orders. So much hassle!

The Mobile App

So the first thing I did was to download and install their app on my phone. It only took a few minutes to install and create my user account.

The mobile app was very user friendly. I love the clean, white background and the font is so simple.

On the account page, I could easily edit my settings, check my orders and even buy credits for my future purchases.

On the homepage, I could see their products that were on sale, and some of their featured products. This was where I discovered one of the products I bought from them for the first time!

I also loved that the homepage contained categories such as hair care, skin care, makeup, local finds, organic, accessories and many more. This makes it so much easier for anyone to find what they are looking for.

They also have their own web magazine called "Bloom" which you can also find in their app. It contains many useful articles about skin care, hair care and all about beauty. You can refer to these articles if you wanted some tips.

You should definitely check out my top three articles:

🔻Watch: 5 Skincare Mistakes that Oily Girls Make
🔻The 5 Best Cleansing Balms for Easy Makeup Removal
🔻Exactly What to Do to Stay Fresh on a Flight

I personally picked these articles due to the fact that I got oily skin and really need to know what I could do with it. I also had problems choosing the right makeup remover before, but now I have found the best product that fits me — a balm! And lastly, you guys know I like to travel every month, right? If you're like me, you should definitely learn how to take care of your skin when you're on a flight especially when it's a long-haul flight.

Furthermore, BeautyMNL's app also includes a page for brands that are listed alphabetically. This makes it easier for anyone to find specific brands that they like. This was where I looked for my favorites.

Just like any other online shops, the app also includes a page where you can see all the products you have wish listed.

If I had to rate their mobile app, I would definitely give it a five-star or a 10/10 rating.

My Purchases

For my first purchases, I just wanted to test a few products and see how fast the transaction would be.

🔻Concealer Jar (Medium) by Nyx Professional Makeup

This concealer is considered to be heavy-duty and it comes with a wide range of color correcting shades. The shades includes fair, porcelaine, light, beige, medium, glow, tan, nutmeg, orange, yellow, lavender, and green. How cool is that? I chose the medium shade for myself because I think it's what suits my facial skin color.

What I like about this product is that it's cream-based and it provides full coverage. I have already tried it and it perfectly covered my blemishes and neutralized my under eye dark circles. It is definitely great for daily use.

🔻Fit Me Matte Foundation 228 Soft Tan by Maybelline

Next, I got Maybelline's latest foundation in 228 Soft Tan shade. This is a liquid foundation that gives a perfect seamless matte finish. It's very lightweight and is easy to blend even when you just use your fingers to blend it.

It's also great for either normal or oily skin. As I said, mine is oily, so when I tried it, I really liked how it turned out.

🔻Magic Oil Control Primer by Dearberry

It's been a long time that I've been searching for the best primer that suits me. And finally, I found the perfect one! At first, I was skeptical but then I thought, I should give it a try.

Dearberry's magic oil control primer provides a very flawless base for makeup application. It's soooooo smooth, I keep on applying them just to feel the smoothness over and over again! It leaves a shine-free and silky finish which makes my makeup last very long. Ever since I started using it, I have been feeling like my skin is so soft and smooth all the time. It also perfectly minimizes all my pores.


After I chose the products I wanted to purchase, the transaction went by so fast. They had different modes of payment including bank (credit/debit) card payments, COD in Metro Manila and PayPal.

I was so happy I could pay via PayPal! I have many credits there that I haven't used so I was really glad I could finally use them. It makes the transaction so much easier and faster!


I was out of the country when I shopped but according to my family, the package came in after four days. Not bad for someone living outside Manila.

The Verdict

It was such an amazing shopping experience. It made me feel like I was at Sephora but only online! Haha. And the products are really great and super stellar. I love that I can find Korean products on their shop as well. I would definitely shop from BeautyMNL again!

My Face Using the Three Products I Purchased

What do you guys think? Have you ever shopped with them before? If not, you definitely should!

Out of Love

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I’ve been trying not to because I know how frustrated this would make me. So many times I find myself coming to a conclusion that I should stop. We should stop…but then I also have this tendency to convince myself to give it a try, go with the flow and see where this will take me.
I find myself falling for the things I get to know about you day by day, and it is weird how I also fall for the things I haven’t known about you yet. I keep seeing the good and the best in you, and while I am not sure if this is a good thing to do, I have also been trying to discover the worst things about you. I want to be convinced that you, despite your almost-perfect qualities, also possess something dark and diabolical.
I want something to convince me that I do not and should not like you. I want to see something that would easily and immediately make me stop from getting close to you.
But then, I am failing…
I’ve seen the things I do not like about you, personality-wise, yet I am still drawn to you. I’ve come to like even the seemingly ugliest side of you.
You constrain my eudaimonia; yet you make my soul flourish.
You make my thoughts all rumbled up; yet you keep me sane.
You make my heart create its own fantasy-based reality; yet you are the reason my heart flutters like it has its own pair of wings every time.
A thousand miles…
That is all it has to take. I need air. I cannot breathe.
You’re getting too close.
I am getting too close.
We…are getting too close.
I am not liking the electric feeling that is radiating from you towards me across the pacific.
What do we call this? This isn’t love. It is too early to fall in love. But isn’t it also too early to fall out of love?