Always Loving

Maybe the bravest thing I have ever done for love is letting go of someone I love so dearly, only for him to be with someone else — someone who makes him happy and is sure to be always there for him.

I can never be there for him. He needs someone who is by his side when he’s happy or sad. He deserves someone who will be there to support him, to encourage him and motivate him to be the best person he can be. He should be with someone he can be proud of in return. He needs someone he can show off to his friends and say, “so this is my girl” with a big smile. I can never be that someone.

I am far from being that person.

Maybe one day, if I ever see him again, my love will still be there. I no longer hope for us to be together again, but for as long as we’re both still in this world breathing the same air, I will always be here loving him.

I know that he will be alright. I know that he will be happy even if I am not a part of that happiness anymore. I will always be happy for him. I will always be proud of him. I never tell him this, but he is one of the best people in this world. He makes mistakes, I know. That just defines him as a human. Sometimes he doesn’t know what he is doing, and sometimes everything is just too much for him. Sometimes he doesn’t know what he wants even if everything he could ever want is just in front of him. Sometimes I think he doesn’t think at all, but we’re all allowed to do that. We all have these moments when we just want to disconnect and not think bout anything. He is great and I am sure he knows that without me telling him. And I will support him even if I’ll have to do it in secret.

Some people say that they would rather choose loving from a distance than letting go of the one they love so much. I’ll never stop loving him even if he’s miles away from me. And because I love him so much, I have to let him go. I’d rather let him go than lose him forever. I’d rather see him happy with another woman, than never see him again.

One day, maybe I will love someone differently than how I have loved him. He may never gonna be my “forever” but he will always be my “always.”