A Tea For My Bestie


I slept over at my best friend, Rivy, ‘s place on Sunday, so we decided to sleep in the day after. We woke up at one in the afternoon, and it was the first day in a year that we had spent the whole night and day together. At first, we just wanted to stay at home the whole day, but after having brunch, we decided to go out and visit the restaurant where she works. It was very cold that day, and both of us were wearing shorts. We took the bus near the To Kwa Wan Market (Rivy lives in To Kwa Kwan, Kowloon City) and took us thirty minutes to get to the pier since there was a heavy and slow traffic. It was very windy when we got off the bus. I did not want anyone to notice that I was already shivering, so I pretended I was feeling hot. There was only a few people on the ferry, so Rivy and I had some good shots taken while we were on it.

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The walk from the Central Pier to Midlevels (Where Rivy’s restaurant is located) was quite long. It took us fifteen to twenty minutes to get there.


Rivy’s restaurant is called Aberdeen Street Social and is located in Aberdeen Street near Hollywood Road. The place was cozy and really beautiful. It has a garden outside and the inside is very classy. We managed to get seats outside since Rivy’s friend was also working there at that time. We tried their tea set, which was great. I am not a fan of sweets or pastries for that matter, but I could say that their presentation was really good.


The photo above shows the pastries included in the tea set. The top most plate contained scones with clotted cream and sweet social pineapple jam. The middle plate had leek and bacon muffins and sandwiches (egg and cress finger sandwich and smoked salmon, cream cheese finger sandwich). I didn’t know that one of the sandwiches had salmon in it, and I hate the taste of salmon. Rivy was laughing at me when she saw my reaction as I tried to get rid of the salmon that was already in my mouth. The plate at the bottom consisted the main pastries (‘Matcha’ Sablé Breton, raspberry and ‘Sweet SocialCheesecake’ Strawberry, cream cheese).


Besides the tea set, we also ordered other dishes such as the Steak Tartare jar with Gaufrette potatoes and Tomato and Basil pizza.


The steak tartar was amazingly delicious, but Rivy said it was not as good as the previous one she tasted. The pizza was also good since I am a pizza kind of person. Any kinds of pizza would taste amazingly to me.

image image image image image image

We finished our food at six in the evening. After that, we decided to just walk around Midlevels and go to Lan Kwai Fong, which is a small square of streets in Central, where you can find a lot of bars and restaurants.

image image

We had to wait for an hour when we got there since we would be meeting three of our other best friends. They were working until nine to eleven in the evening. Rivy and I went to our favorite bar called “Graffiti” which is near Hard Rock Cafe. Rivy was hungry again, so we decided to order food and drinks while waiting.


I am not a heavy drinker, but I also do not easily get drunk. My favorite drink in Graffiti is their Kiwi Fruit cocktail (left side of the picture above). It tastes heavenly! It has Kiwi Fruit, which is my favorite fruit by the way, and has lemon and mint.

Our best friends started arriving at nine. Lovely arrived first, then Christina arrived at ten. Kristine was the last one to arrive and she was not able to see Christina since the latter had to leave early.

wpid-20150309_230504.jpg wpid-20150309_230501.jpg

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That’s Christina and I. <3

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It was a very tiring, yet very productive and fulfilling day. I wouldn’t have wanted to have it any other way. Spending time with my best friends after a year of not being with one another is always one of my favorite thing to do whenever I am back in Hong Kong. <3

  • Excellent photos, Diana. They’ll serve to bring back happy memories in future years. 🙂

  • Who is the guy behind you and Rivy? 🙂

    • That’s Gathan! Just a friend! Hehe. He’s French and he was trying to convince me to continue learning French.

      • wow. that’s nice. You should. you can ask him for help.

        • Tyler would not approve of that! Hahaha! My interest in French has plummeted since Madam Imson left. :/ What about you? Do you want to ask him for help instead? HAHAHA.

  • What a cute tea set! I’m pretty new at WordPress and I’m loving your blog! Is this in Hong Kong too? Looking for places to explore, my sis and I just love it there!

    • Hi! Thank you so much! I love your blog, too! Your photos are very beautiful! You’re so good at photography. All photos in this post were taken in Hong Kong. We had the tea set at Aberdeen Street Social near SoHo. The place is very exclusive and really beautiful! I hope you get to visit it when you go to Hong Kong again. I am guessing you have been there before. 🙂