A Day With Teddy




So, this was by far the first most awaited day for me this 2015. We were going to see Ed Sheeran on this day! He was having his first concert in Hong Kong, and my best friend, Rivy was bringing me to his concert as her early birthday gift for me. Both of us love Teddy (Ed’s other name) so much! Although I have always thought I love him more than she does. *grins*

The concert was supposed to start at eight in the evening, so we decided to have lunch with Lovely. We were supposed to leave Rivy’s home an hour before twelve, since we all agreed on meeting up at twelve thirty. However, we slept in, so we did not leave home until twelve noon. We arrived in Central ten minutes before one. We met Lovely in Yoshinoya and had a quick lunch. It only took us thirty minutes to finish our food, and Lovely needed to hurry up for work.

Waiting for the Ferry.

We got back home at three in the afternoon. It was very cold and we could not decide what to wear to the concert. We were so excited! Rivy and I started preparing ourselves and we finished before five.

Here’s what we were wearing! 🙂

image image image image image imageimageimage

VIDEO: Getting Ready

We left home at five-thirty and got on the bus to Kowloon MTR Station. From there, we took the train to Central, and boarded the Airport Express train to Asia World Expo.

Here’s us inside the train, getting so excited!


We arrived at the concert venue at seven-forty-five, and there were so many people.

A video of us reaching the venue:

There were so many fans waiting in line. The queue did not seem very long because it was well organized outside. There were separate queues and we were divided according to the date we purchased our tickets.

image image image

VIDEO: Queue while waiting to enter the venue

We bought our tickets a week after the ticket went on sale, so we were in the middle. For a second, I wished we had the first tickets, so we could clearly see Teddy perform, but I was just too happy that Rivy and I were there at that moment. It was like a dream came true. He performed so many songs. He was amazing! A true performer! He played his own guitar, sung and danced gracefully.


Lego House

The A Team

Here is a short clip of his A Team performance. He asked us to turn our phones’ light on. It was one of the best parts of his show!

The concert actually started late. It was supposed to start at eight o’clock, but Teddy only came out fifteen minutes after. The intro was actually just so-so, since he just suddenly came out from nowhere and started strumming his guitar. I didn’t even realize that he was already there until I heard him sing his first song. It was not because I was starstruck that my reactions were late, but because I was honestly clueless that he was already on the stage.

Rivy and I wore ankle boots to the show. I am very much used to wearing high heeled boots, but Rivy regretted wearing them even before we entered the venue. Mine were the black ones, and hers were the gray ones.

image image

Rivy and I also saw some acquaintances inside the venue, so we decided to join them.

image image image image image image

I only managed to take two good pictures of Teddy up close because we wanted to really enjoy his show without the interruption of taking photos and videos.

11023117_334257463451892_1589649537_n 10249313_810813475659418_1930737625_n

Moreover, in the middle of the show, Rivy and her friend, Kim, couldn’t breathe anymore due to the crazy people around us, so we decided to leave our place and moved to the corner where there were only few people.

The show ended past nine in the evening. At first, I did not want to leave the venue even though most of the people were already walking out of the place. I couldn’t believe it ended so soon! I wanted more, but sadly, Teddy already left. ;(

A photo posted by Ed Sheeran on Instagram

There were merch products being sold outside the venue, so we decided to take a look and bought t-shirts.



I bought the black shirt with Teddy’s picture and name on the front, and the list of his tour dates on the back. Rivy didn’t see what was written on the back, so she thought it was just ordinary and decided to buy the other design. She bought the gray shirt with a heart design and Teddy’s name on it. It doesn’t have anything on its back. When we tried our shirts on, she saw that there was something on the back go my shirt and regretted getting the gray one. Nevertheless, she couldn’t do anything and I didn’t want to exchange my shirt with hers because there was a reason I chose mine. 😀

VIDEO: Dancing with our Ed Sheeran Shirts On

We switched shirts for a while, so she could see how beautiful my shirt is. Haha!

I would never forget this day. It was one of the best days of my life! Going to an Ed Sheeran show was a dream came true; going to a concert with my best friend was the best part of it. I wish we could see more concerts before Rivy goes back to New York but she’s already leaving in June.


To my best friend, Rivy, you always make sure I am happy and I am very thankful for that. I am very sorry for the many times I have been a boring piece of **** but I want you to know that I appreciate all of your efforts. I may not tell you how much I love being with you, but I hope you know that if I would have another chance to spend my vacation with someone, I would want to choose to spend it with you! I love you! I always have, and I always will. Here’s to hoping we could see more Ed Sheeran concerts! <3





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